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 NameTypeValueMarkupRefines ToAmountSourceFound on
Basic Wood ExtractorTexture Extractor0.01200.00%  LootedPlanet Calypso, ROCKtropia

Creature Loots

 Creature ItemFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
SabakumaBasic Wood ExtractorCommonYoung17.1bLast VUEdit
Brown PapooBasic Wood ExtractorCommon Last VUEdit
GradivoreBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonYoungLast VUEdit
Snablesnot MaleBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonYoung17.1.1Last VUEdit
TantillionBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonGuardianLast VUEdit
BokolBasic Wood ExtractorCommonYoungLast VUEdit
TiarakBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonYoungLast VUEdit
SnargBasic Wood ExtractorCommonYoungLast VUEdit
AurliBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonWeakLast VUEdit
IgniBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonDominantLast VUEdit
ShinkibaBasic Wood ExtractorCommonYoungLast VUEdit
TripudionBasic Wood ExtractorCommonYoungLast VUEdit
CalypsocodBasic Wood ExtractorCommonYoungLast VUEdit
Boorum MaleBasic Wood ExtractorCommonRaiderLast VUEdit
Monura FemaleBasic Wood ExtractorCommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
CersumonBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
TeladonBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonYoung17.0.5Last VUEdit
KadraBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
Motörhead SecurityBasic Wood ExtractorCommon Last VUEdit
PrancerBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonYoungLast VUEdit
FeffoxBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonYoungLast VUEdit
Thorifoid ShamanBasic Wood ExtractorCommonNeophyteLast VUEdit
Monura MaleBasic Wood ExtractorCommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Island GorillaBasic Wood ExtractorCommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
UboBasic Wood ExtractorCommon Last VUEdit
JoriBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonDominant17.0.4Last VUEdit
Scout BotBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonCollector XT17.0.3Last VUEdit
SharkBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonYoungLast VUEdit
Sky WraithBasic Wood ExtractorCommonYoungLast VUEdit
LetomieBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
HaterBasic Wood ExtractorCommonSingle Maturity Mob17.0Last VUEdit
Horned Whisker FishBasic Wood ExtractorCommonLone16.5.2Last VUEdit
Zyn'DosBasic Wood ExtractorCommonForager WeakLast VUEdit
Crystal PedeBasic Wood ExtractorCommonYoung16.4.1Last VUEdit
SunjoqBasic Wood ExtractorOftenProviderLast VUEdit
NimetBasic Wood ExtractorOftenPunyLast VUEdit
Mulaak'fBasic Wood ExtractorCommonOutcast16.3.2Last VUEdit
Oculus (Calypso)Basic Wood ExtractorUncommonYoung16.3.1Last VUEdit
Beacon MissionBasic Wood ExtractorUnknown42PEDLast VUEdit
Vampire ChickBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon 16.1.1Last VUEdit
 Stereo JackerBasic Wood ExtractorCommonL4Last VUEdit
City WolfBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonStalker16.0.2Last VUEdit
Zombie Biker NomadBasic Wood ExtractorCommonAdult15.20.2Last VUEdit
VlanwingBasic Wood ExtractorCommonYoungLast VUEdit
Sabakuma BroodmotherBasic Wood ExtractorCommonDominant15.19.0Last VUEdit
Tree DragonBasic Wood ExtractorCommonFinned15.18.1Last VUEdit
HustlerBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonL515.18.0Last VUEdit
ZeladothBasic Wood ExtractorCommon 15.17.1Last VUEdit
StalkerBasic Wood ExtractorCommonE170615.17.0Last VUEdit
Old WolfBasic Wood ExtractorCommonYoungLast VUEdit
Cyber Street VixenBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon 15.16.3Last VUEdit
ChimeraBasic Wood ExtractorCommonGatherer15.15.7.3Last VUEdit
YogBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
Vlad the UnravelerBasic Wood ExtractorCommonSingle Maturity Mob15.15.7.2Last VUEdit
Dire WeedBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon 15.15.7Last VUEdit
JellywormBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonBile15.15.6.2Last VUEdit
Forum TrollBasic Wood ExtractorOften 15.15.4Last VUEdit
Zombie MutantBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonOutcastLast VUEdit
Zomhattan St BoysBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon VUEdit
YukaBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonYoung15.15.1Last VUEdit
CheetahBasic Wood ExtractorCommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
ShoggothBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonInchoate the Shapeless15.14.1Last VUEdit
Primordial LonguBasic Wood ExtractorCommon 15.11.4Last VUEdit
CombiboBasic Wood ExtractorCommonYoung15.8.6Last VUEdit
 Magurg BreederBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon 15.8.4Last VUEdit
LocustaBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon 15.4Last VUEdit
 Harlem HustlerBasic Wood ExtractorCommonL715.2.0Last VUEdit
WerewolfBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon 15.1.2Last VUEdit
 Sal'diresh's Vault 3Basic Wood ExtractorVery often Last VUEdit
Rhino BeetleBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
MoliskBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon 14.9Last VUEdit
FrescoqudaBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
CornundacaudaBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonYoungLast VUEdit
Armax BullBasic Wood ExtractorCommonProviderLast VUEdit
AsterionBasic Wood ExtractorCommon VUEdit
LonguBasic Wood ExtractorCommon 14.7.3Last VUEdit
Buccaneer SkeletonBasic Wood ExtractorOften 14.7.2Last VUEdit
Argonaut (Calypso)Basic Wood ExtractorCommonHunter14.7.1Last VUEdit
CyclopsBasic Wood ExtractorCommonDefender14.5.1Last VUEdit
LeviathanBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
Glamor Girl DroneBasic Wood ExtractorCommon 14.4.2Last VUEdit
EquusBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonOld14.4Last VUEdit
FaucervixBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon 14.2.1Last VUEdit
Zombie Biker EnforcerBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonAdultLast VUEdit
NEVERDIE DragonBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
DrokaBasic Wood ExtractorCommon 14.1.3Last VUEdit
PantherBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
Thorio FemaleBasic Wood ExtractorCommonFarmerLast VUEdit
AetherexBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon 14.1.1Last VUEdit
Daikiba (Calypso)Basic Wood ExtractorUncommonOldLast VUEdit
FalxangiusBasic Wood ExtractorCommon Last VUEdit
FurorBasic Wood ExtractorRare 14.0.1Last VUEdit
HalixBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon 12.10.1Last VUEdit
HoggloBasic Wood ExtractorNo longer dropsYoungLast VUEdit
Belial's LegionaireBasic Wood ExtractorOften Last VUEdit
 ThiefBasic Wood ExtractorCommonYoung12.8.2Last VUEdit
ScaboreasBasic Wood ExtractorCommonYoungLast VUEdit
Prototype DroneBasic Wood ExtractorUnknownGen 0112.7.2Last VUEdit
HispidusBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon 12.7.0Last VUEdit
Plumatergus (Calypso)Basic Wood ExtractorUnknownProviderLast VUEdit
Drone CoordinatorBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon 12.5.7Last VUEdit
MinotaurBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon 12.4.0Last VUEdit
Feffoid (Calypso)Basic Wood ExtractorUncommonWarlord12.2.1Last VUEdit
FeranBasic Wood ExtractorNo longer drops Last VUEdit
Itumatrox (Calypso)Basic Wood ExtractorUncommon 12.1.4Last VUEdit
Foul (Calypso)Basic Wood ExtractorUncommonYoungLast VUEdit
AtraxBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonYoung12.1.0Last VUEdit
Muluk-HirBasic Wood ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
OstelokBasic Wood ExtractorUnknown 12.0.3Last VUEdit
KianaBasic Wood ExtractorRare Last VUEdit
BeladothBasic Wood ExtractorRareYoung11.10.3Last VUEdit
ChomperBasic Wood ExtractorRareYoung11.9.3Last VUEdit
EvisceratorBasic Wood ExtractorRare 11.2.5Last VUEdit
FormicacidaBasic Wood ExtractorUncommonWeak11.0.8Last VUEdit
NexnecisBasic Wood ExtractorUnknown 10.8.1Last VUEdit
Phasm (Calypso)Basic Wood ExtractorUncommon 10.8.0Last VUEdit
Osseocollum (Calypso)Basic Wood ExtractorUncommon 10.4.2Last VUEdit
FungoidBasic Wood ExtractorUnknown 10.4Last VUEdit
CaudatergusBasic Wood ExtractorUnknownYoung9.3.2Last VUEdit

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