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 NameTypeValueMarkupRefines ToAmountSourceFound on
Animal Adrenal OilAnimal Oils0.2102.57%Alien Biogenic Gel500LootedPlanet Calypso

Creature Loots

 Creature ItemFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
Death DrakeAnimal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
Ambulimax (Calypso)Animal Adrenal OilOftenYoung17.0.5Last VUEdit
EstophylAnimal Adrenal OilOftenYoungLast VUEdit
Mermoth (Calypso)Animal Adrenal OilOftenYoungLast VUEdit
Sumima (Calypso)Animal Adrenal OilVery oftenYoungLast VUEdit
MaffoidAnimal Adrenal OilOftenOutcastLast VUEdit
TeladonAnimal Adrenal OilCommonYoungLast VUEdit
Horny Little DevilAnimal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
BeladothAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
Mutated BeladothAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
Mutated OtorugiAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
KianaAnimal Adrenal OilUncommon 17.0.4Last VUEdit
OtorugiAnimal Adrenal OilCommonYoung17.0.3Last VUEdit
LetomieAnimal Adrenal OilOftenYoungLast VUEdit
 SicariusAnimal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
FungoidAnimal Adrenal OilOftenYoung17.0Last VUEdit
PandiAnimal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
AurliAnimal Adrenal OilVery oftenWeak16.5.2Last VUEdit
TskTskAnimal Adrenal OilOftenWeakLast VUEdit
RiptorAnimal Adrenal OilCommonProviderLast VUEdit
Sonic SquidAnimal Adrenal OilOftenGuardianLast VUEdit
 Avatar of Greed Guardian (Storm Drake)Animal Adrenal OilOftenSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Itumatrox (Calypso)Animal Adrenal OilVery oftenYoung16.5.0Last VUEdit
KadraAnimal Adrenal OilOftenYoung16.4.1Last VUEdit
Oratan SlasherAnimal Adrenal OilUncommonEnforcerLast VUEdit
TogolossiAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
Sumima (Rocktropia)Animal Adrenal OilOftenYoungLast VUEdit
Cosmic HorrorAnimal Adrenal OilOftenYoung16.3.1Last VUEdit
DymlekAnimal Adrenal OilOftenYoungLast VUEdit
TiarakAnimal Adrenal OilCommonOld AlphaLast VUEdit
Thorio MaleAnimal Adrenal OilVery oftenNomadLast VUEdit
LocustaAnimal Adrenal OilOftenOldLast VUEdit
 OompaAnimal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
Desert CrawlerAnimal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
HuonAnimal Adrenal OilOftenYoung16.0.3Last VUEdit
ScoriaAnimal Adrenal OilOftenYoungLast VUEdit
 SteampunkAnimal Adrenal OilVery oftenSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Feffoid (Calypso)Animal Adrenal OilCommonBeastmaster Najwir16.0.1Last VUEdit
FirewallAnimal Adrenal OilCommon 15.20.2Last VUEdit
Empis WaspAnimal Adrenal OilOftenYoungLast VUEdit
Zyn'DosAnimal Adrenal OilOftenHoarder ChaserLast VUEdit
NaviAnimal Adrenal OilUncommon Last VUEdit
ImperiumAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
PantherAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
Demon HackerAnimal Adrenal OilUncommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
VlanwingAnimal Adrenal OilCommonYoungLast VUEdit
Joplin DragonAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
OwekoAnimal Adrenal OilOftenYoung15.19.2Last VUEdit
Zombie Biker OutlawAnimal Adrenal OilUncommon Last VUEdit
ThawrAnimal Adrenal OilUncommonProwler15.19.1.3Last VUEdit
Pirate SkeletonAnimal Adrenal OilOftenOutcast15.19.1.2Last VUEdit
Ambulimax (Rocktropia)Animal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
 50 Foot Digital Party GirlAnimal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
MadanaAnimal Adrenal OilCommonDominant15.19.0Last VUEdit
Horned Whisker FishAnimal Adrenal OilOftenLone15.18.1Last VUEdit
Horned BirdAnimal Adrenal OilCommonAlphaLast VUEdit
Flesh RipperAnimal Adrenal OilCommonMatureLast VUEdit
Living VortexAnimal Adrenal OilCommonStrong Living VortexLast VUEdit
Sea WraithAnimal Adrenal OilOftenDevastator15.18.0Last VUEdit
PaneleonAnimal Adrenal OilCommonOld Alpha15.17.2Last VUEdit
DusterAnimal Adrenal OilCommonPatronLast VUEdit
Tide ClawAnimal Adrenal OilCommonOldLast VUEdit
Sky WraithAnimal Adrenal OilVery oftenProviderLast VUEdit
Byg ByrdAnimal Adrenal OilOftenSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
 Kool KatAnimal Adrenal OilOftenDominantLast VUEdit
OratanAnimal Adrenal OilCommon 15.17.1Last VUEdit
ZeladothAnimal Adrenal OilUncommonLambdaLast VUEdit
MotorheadAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
BokolAnimal Adrenal OilCommonAlpha15.17.0Last VUEdit
YukaAnimal Adrenal OilCommonYoungLast VUEdit
Crunk SharkAnimal Adrenal OilUncommon Last VUEdit
 TigerAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
Brood of DottyAnimal Adrenal OilVery often Last VUEdit
D-Block Mafia MemberAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
Mermoth (Rocktropia)Animal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
Oratan LancerAnimal Adrenal OilCommonFiendLast VUEdit
Zombie KongAnimal Adrenal OilUnknown Last VUEdit
 Radiated SpiderAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
SkyflailAnimal Adrenal OilOften VUEdit
ShubAnimal Adrenal OilCommon 15.15.7Last VUEdit
THINGAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
Zombie DogAnimal Adrenal OilOftenOld15.15.4Last VUEdit
Merfolken SpearmenAnimal Adrenal OilUncommonSpearmen GladiatorLast VUEdit
Itumatrox (Rocktropia)Animal Adrenal OilOftenYoungLast VUEdit
AtraxAnimal Adrenal OilCommon 15.15.3Last VUEdit
Vulcan DrakeAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
Jeef ZajerAnimal Adrenal OilUncommon Last VUEdit
Avatar of ForceAnimal Adrenal OilOftenSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
HussklingAnimal Adrenal OilOftenSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
VenataurAnimal Adrenal OilCommon 15.15.1Last VUEdit
 Core HarbingerAnimal Adrenal OilCommon 15.13.1Last VUEdit
Oratan MinerAnimal Adrenal OilCommon 15.12.1Last VUEdit
Magurg MaleAnimal Adrenal OilCommon 15.12.0Last VUEdit
CultistAnimal Adrenal OilUncommonCatechumen15.11.4Last VUEdit
 Magurg BreederAnimal Adrenal OilOften315.11.3Last VUEdit
NEVERDIE DragonAnimal Adrenal OilOftenYoung15.10Last VUEdit
CornundosAnimal Adrenal OilOften 15.9.3Last VUEdit
WaheshAnimal Adrenal OilOftenProviderLast VUEdit
Motörhead SecurityAnimal Adrenal OilOftenWarrior15.7.5Last VUEdit
Mutated MadanaAnimal Adrenal OilOftenDominant15.7.4Last VUEdit
Mutated RiptorAnimal Adrenal OilOften 15.5.0Last VUEdit
Steropes CyclopsAnimal Adrenal OilCommon 15.4Last VUEdit
Brontes CyclopsAnimal Adrenal OilUncommonGuard15.3.3Last VUEdit
 Avatar of PainAnimal Adrenal OilOftenSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
HoggloAnimal Adrenal OilNo longer drops 15.0Last VUEdit
Atrox (Calypso)Animal Adrenal OilRareYoung14.9Last VUEdit
CaperonAnimal Adrenal OilVery often Last VUEdit
MoliskAnimal Adrenal OilCommonRaiderLast VUEdit
AetherexAnimal Adrenal OilVery often Last VUEdit
FormicacidaAnimal Adrenal OilCommonWeakLast VUEdit
ScaboreasAnimal Adrenal OilVery often Last VUEdit
FalxangiusAnimal Adrenal OilVery often Last VUEdit
AraneatroxAnimal Adrenal OilNo longer drops Last VUEdit
FurorAnimal Adrenal OilCommonAdeptLast VUEdit
LeviathanAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
RazortoothAnimal Adrenal OilOftenYoungLast VUEdit
RextelumAnimal Adrenal OilVery often Last VUEdit
ProteronAnimal Adrenal OilCommonYoungLast VUEdit
FrescoqudaAnimal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
FeffoxAnimal Adrenal OilVery often Last VUEdit
Mind ReaverAnimal Adrenal OilVery often Last VUEdit
SmugglerAnimal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
Muluk-HirAnimal Adrenal OilCommon VUEdit
LongtoothAnimal Adrenal OilNo longer drops Last VUEdit
CornoanterionAnimal Adrenal OilCommonYoung14.7.3Last VUEdit
NeconuAnimal Adrenal OilNo longer drops 14.7.2Last VUEdit
ChomperAnimal Adrenal OilVery often Last VUEdit
Muck JawAnimal Adrenal OilOftenAlphaLast VUEdit
KingfisherAnimal Adrenal OilVery often 14.7.1Last VUEdit
LonguAnimal Adrenal OilUncommon VUEdit
Argonaut (Calypso)Animal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
MulmunAnimal Adrenal OilVery often Last VUEdit
TantardionAnimal Adrenal OilVery often 14.4.2Last VUEdit
MerpAnimal Adrenal OilExtremely rareOld AlphaLast VUEdit
Osseocollum (Calypso)Animal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
Primordial LonguAnimal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
Mayhem KerberosAnimal Adrenal OilCommon(Solo 3)Last VUEdit
MarcimexAnimal Adrenal OilCommon 14.3.4Last VUEdit
Oculus (Calypso)Animal Adrenal OilCommonOld Alpha14.2.1Last VUEdit
Ice DrakeAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
Snow DrakeAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
Phasm (Calypso)Animal Adrenal OilOften 14.1.3Last VUEdit
NexnecisAnimal Adrenal OilUnknown Last VUEdit
Boorum MaleAnimal Adrenal OilVery often Last VUEdit
DaspletorAnimal Adrenal OilCommonYoungLast VUEdit
GokibusagiAnimal Adrenal OilCommon 14.1.1Last VUEdit
FormidonAnimal Adrenal OilOften 14.0Last VUEdit
Leviathan's LegionaireAnimal Adrenal OilOften 12.10.1Last VUEdit
Thorifoid ShamanAnimal Adrenal OilVery often 12.9Last VUEdit
HadraadaAnimal Adrenal OilNo longer drops Last VUEdit
Belial's LegionaireAnimal Adrenal OilUnknown 12.8.2Last VUEdit
MorsusilexAnimal Adrenal OilVery often 12.7.2Last VUEdit
Mulaak'fAnimal Adrenal OilCommon Last VUEdit
HispidusAnimal Adrenal OilNo longer drops 12.7.0Last VUEdit
Armax BullAnimal Adrenal OilVery often 12.5.3Last VUEdit
Thorifoid BerserkerAnimal Adrenal OilUncommon 12.5.1Last VUEdit
Boorum FemaleAnimal Adrenal OilUncommon 12.4.3Last VUEdit
Daikiba (Calypso)Animal Adrenal OilCommonRaging Daikiba Bull12.4.2Last VUEdit
CersumonAnimal Adrenal OilVery often 12.4.1Last VUEdit
Garcia DragonAnimal Adrenal OilUnknownYoung12.0.0Last VUEdit
Island SharkAnimal Adrenal OilUnknown 11.7.1Last VUEdit
Lemmy DragonAnimal Adrenal OilVery often 11.7.0Last VUEdit
Sacred WolfAnimal Adrenal OilOftenStalkerLast VUEdit
Buccaneer SkeletonAnimal Adrenal OilUnknownQuartermaster11.5.2Last VUEdit
White WolfAnimal Adrenal OilCommon 11.4.4Last VUEdit
Lemmy's GuardianAnimal Adrenal OilOften 11.0.8Last VUEdit
EquusAnimal Adrenal OilOften 11.0.5Last VUEdit
Grand FormidonAnimal Adrenal OilOftenYoung11.0.2Last VUEdit
Pop DragonAnimal Adrenal OilUncommon Last VUEdit
UmbranoidAnimal Adrenal OilOftenOverseer9.4.3Last VUEdit
TezlapodAnimal Adrenal OilOften 9.3.8Last VUEdit
BristlehogAnimal Adrenal OilUnknownProwler9.2.4Last VUEdit
SnargAnimal Adrenal OilVery often 9.0.5Last VUEdit
Hiryuu (Calypso)Animal Adrenal OilUnknown 8.11.1Last VUEdit

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