Artrat/Witte (user discussion)

Hi Witte, I would like to become a trusted member if possible please. I have played for 5 years (on and off) and am a regular user and contributer on entropedia. Let me know if you need to know anything else. 

Artrat (talk) - 24-02-2020 09:10:47

Hi Artrat,


sorry for the late response (I am not too active in EU at the moment, and I forgot about this message). I checked your edit history, but you have less than 100 edits. So you don't seem to be very active at editing and I don't see any edits that require you to have a trusted member status, since that is mostly for confirming decay values and mob damage. So I don't think it is usefull for you to become a trusted member. (that doesn't mean I don't trust you of course )



Witte (talk) - 24-02-2020 09:10:47
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