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Every time I try to edit a land area on the map, it lets me draw out the shape of the LA, but when I hit save, all I get is a small triangle and the changes are lost


SonOfAzrael (talk) - 17-09-2009 12:43:39

If you can give an exact situation to reproduce the error, I can investigate this.

Witte (talk) - 14-10-2009 22:17:02

I get "Oops... something went wrong" when I try to edit any item, such as e-amp 11 (need to set decay to 0.711)

ZLostAlien (talk) - 29-09-2009 12:42:35

Does this error still occur?

Witte (talk) - 14-10-2009 22:19:50

I get "oops... something went wrong..." when I try to upload my skills from .csv and also when I try to look at weapons and check the box for 'skill based'

Syrinx (talk) - 23-10-2009 03:22:37

Thanks for reporting, the bugs should be fixed. Please report if you still have errors.


Witte (talk) - 23-10-2009 04:01:49

On the Armor Advisor, 6A plates will not apply.

stevetone (talk) - 24-10-2009 18:27:59


I get "Oops... something went wrong" when i try to upload my avatar skills from a .csv file.

Merlin LeSage (talk) - 23-11-2009 17:55:46

Bug confirmed and hopefully fixed. Please try again.

Witte (talk) - 23-11-2009 21:08:34

possibly not...... I've just uploaded my skills/profs .csv and it's duplicated every entry in my avatar data, once for the old and once for what I just uploaded

SonOfAzrael (talk) - 24-11-2009 22:26:10

I think it is fixed now I deleted the duplicate entries. Thanks for reporting.

Witte (talk) - 25-11-2009 00:31:55

When i try to open the UNL vivo-t15 info i get a error.

Killerbee (talk) - 04-12-2009 15:54:34

I added specifications history in the History tab on the info pages, and forgot to update a file. It works now, tnx for reporting.

Witte (talk) - 04-12-2009 16:13:58

Opened the Weapons chart, clicked Add item and tried to add Isis LR53 Modified. After hitting Submit I got an error box saying "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".

IceCold3000 (talk) - 10-12-2009 07:53:32

Bug should be fixed.

Witte (talk) - 12-12-2009 11:48:46

i get a wrong sorting on the dmg/pec in the weaponamp section while i have checked the box for the markup. i dont know if its in other sections too

Lina Tora Luned (talk) - 17-12-2009 00:54:22


Witte (talk) - 17-12-2009 13:23:14

A friend of mine just told me about a bug, it seems that in the Weapons vs. Armor chart, the damage on an armor is not affected by amps right now, from what I tried this applies to any combination of weapons, amps and armors.

Sound (talk) - 20-12-2009 16:40:45

When trying to add a new armor set (Eon SGA), I get this message:

Unknown column 'Markup' in 'field list'

I was on the armor set chart and clicked Add Item, after hitting Submit the error comes up and the set is not added.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 22-12-2009 15:50:04

The weapons chart seems to only display Dmg/Sec and Dmg/Pec now with Effective Damage checked.

Sound (talk) - 22-12-2009 16:10:38

I am currently rewriting the code behind the weapon chart. I havn't gotten to the weapon vs armor part yet. About the effective damage, I don't see what you mean? I can see all the stats.

Witte (talk) - 22-12-2009 16:27:42

I think what Sound means is that when you uncheck Effective Damage on the weapons chart, the Dmg/Pec and Dmg/Sec columns become empty.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 22-12-2009 17:05:57

I see what you mean. Bug fixed, and also the bug when adding armor. The weapon vs armor bug will have to wait a bit longer. Thanks for reporting.

Witte (talk) - 22-12-2009 17:30:02

Yes, correct. Good work!

Sound (talk) - 22-12-2009 17:33:06

The damage calculation seems to be bugged.

Death47 (talk) - 23-12-2009 13:48:10

Fixed, thanks for reporting.

Witte (talk) - 23-12-2009 15:30:16

The Cost/Sec and Dmg/Pec figures are very wrong for some reason on every* ranged weapon's individual page. Melee weapons seem to be fine though.

*- I haven't checked all pages one by one but they're probably all showing the wrong figures.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 27-12-2009 16:37:56

On the link i get the Ooops something get wrong message the last couple of days.




siam (talk) - 29-12-2009 15:13:47

I get "The error has been logged and will hopefully be fixed soon. You may try to use the other functions of the site until the error is fixed. We are sorry for any inconveniences." When I try to click add avatar

Silvano Sandros (talk) - 30-12-2009 00:36:51


Witte (talk) - 30-12-2009 11:44:05

editing the T20(L) to confirm the decay also caused the heal value to change, dispite the fact I hadn't edited it.

SonOfAzrael (talk) - 07-01-2010 14:39:53

Added a column caled Eff.Heal, which should take care of the problem.

Witte (talk) - 07-01-2010 16:31:59

Weapons chart shows 0 Total uses for every weapon. The numbers seem correct on the weapons' pages.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 13-01-2010 02:08:38
Witte (talk) - 13-01-2010 14:10:45

On Maffoid loots, trying to change loot frequency for Salamander Harness SGA from Unknown to Event causes a "You must change markup source when changing markup" warning box to appear, but I'm not changing markup

SonOfAzrael (talk) - 13-01-2010 16:38:46

EDIT : This one seems to have fixed it's self, unless you made a change to sort it?

SonOfAzrael (talk) - 18-01-2010 10:05:46

Clicked Add Item on the Tiers chart, then chose Armor Parts from the Type drop-down list and got the Oops... page.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 15-01-2010 20:37:46
Bug fixed. And yes I forgot to mention I fixed the other bug. Thanks for reporting.
Witte (talk) - 20-01-2010 05:13:02

Weapons page, trying to sort the page by max damage etc i get the oops something went wrong page.

Flatline (talk) - 25-01-2010 08:33:29
Can you give me a more exact condition where the bug occurs? I can't reproduce it.
Witte (talk) - 07-02-2010 22:47:55

On the Enhancer pages the "Entropia Forum: Search Item" link is searching for the wrong thing. It is searching for the VU the item was discovered in, e.g. Discovered: 10.6.6  --> EF is searched for "10.6.6"

IceCold3000 (talk) - 14-02-2010 22:30:05

In case you missed the pm on EF the other day...

My page: is still bugged, giving the Oops message, since I tried to remove the changes made by an unregistered person. 

Nor can I access the Avatars table:

Serica (talk) - 17-03-2010 23:18:12

On the Creature Loots page, sorting by Drop rate leads to 'Oops...'. Sorting by drops and kills works though.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

Fixed, thanks for reporting.

Witte (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54



I get "Oops .... something went wrong" trying to log out - tried 3 times, same.

Cass (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54



I get "Oops .... something went wrong" trying to log out - tried 3 times, same.

Cass (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54



I get "Oops .... something went wrong" trying to log out - tried 3 times, same.

Cass (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

I refreshed the page - did not triple post, sorry about that

Cass (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

Just stumbled over a minor bug, when sorting the Weapon or Medical Tools charts and then clicking Add, it instead goes into Edit mode on the topmost item.

Sound (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

Bug should be fixed, thanks for reporting.

Witte (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

Maps page seems to have an error:

Oops... something went wrong

borr (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

Hi man. I cant seem to add any new missions. It just gives the Opps something went wrong message when I click submit

SIBUK (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

I am getting an error when trying to look at the maps to find a mob.

CozMoDan (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

Hi, there seems to be a problem when trying to load a map, when I press the maps & locations, it does not load, sais that there is a bug

( ). It is like that for a couple of days already..

Sama (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

The map is fixed. Adding missions seems to work as a one was added after the bug report.

Witte (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54
I can't get armor adviser to work for me.
CyberPunk (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

On the armor adviser, Attacker-1 drone has an extra 100 electric damage set to it!  lol

da1e (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

Hi there!

I get the "OOps! Something...bla..." message when I try to access Weapons charts.

Lezardine (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54
Fixed that just at the moment you wrote that . Thanks for reporting anyway. As for the 100 electric, somebody has edited that in the mob damage. You can change data like that yourself. I have removed it.
Witte (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54
Can't add new missions
wizzszz (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

Adding items should work again, thanks for reporting.

Witte (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54
Yes, works again, but now the sorting is broken - i.e. can't sort the missions by VU
wizzszz (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54
Sorry, me again
Maybe i am blind, but i cannot add coords for the mission broker "Mad prophet".
Not sure if this is a bug, maybe i am just doing it wrong, however, the columns for coords hold no input fields when i try to edit the specs.
wizzszz (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

What you can do is:

  • Go to Maps & Locations
  • Add location
  • Type: Mission broker
  • Name: Mad prophet
  • Enter coords
  • Add
IceCold3000 (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

tnx again for reporting . Sorting should be fixed. I also added a description to the mission broker chart how to add the coordinates.

Witte (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

I get "oops... something went wrong..." when I Add material in

KnightOmsk (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

I get "oops... something went wrong..." when I Add material in

KnightOmsk (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

T am trying to compare different armors using 6A plates.  When I click apply, I get a window saying "Whoops, something went wrong".

Please, T would love this to be fixed, as T need decent Robot armor.

Megga1 (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

I can't edit the blueprints to add materials or add drops, this has been bugged for about 3 days now.



ddiep8657 (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

Oops, something went wrong when trying to load Missions from the link-box on left.

SnowLeopard (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

please repair blueprints, it not showing materials

KnightOmsk (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54


I'am log but i can't add, in the item loot list of Halix mob, Herman LAW 101 (L) weapon. The weapon does'nt appear in the colomn list.

Can you see if you can add this weapon for this mob or do something.

Thank's a lot

zipi (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54
Maps aren't working "Oops... something went wrong"
CyberPunk (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

Oops... something went wrong

The error has been logged and will hopefully be fixed soon. You may try to use the other functions of the site until the error is fixed. We are sorry for any inconvenience

kingtode (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

Maps, they've been down for about a week now.

Painkiller (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

search is no longer working - get the logged error report

maxwellhawk (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

[ Repost ] (Posted 11 days prior.)

The search box feature is not functioning correctly.  Receiving report page, and "logged error" notice.

MrP33p3rz (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

Hi everytime i try to look at the history of a rocktropia blueprint i get Oops..something went wrong message

duane trim (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54
Page of my land area, OLA-65 is bugged :

"Oops... something went wrong

The error has been logged and will hopefully be fixed soon. You may try to use the other functions of the site until the error is fixed. We are sorry for any inconveniences. Please file a bug report in the Bugs section if the error persists, or contact the admin at"

URL is :

Thank you in advance to make what you can

Best Regards
Fed Solo
Fed Solo Soloteiev (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

Tried to add item to Oraton loot table on and off for about an hour (5-6 times?), kept getting the "oops" screen.

Oraton Bandit loots: Tuqoise paint, Oraton Theif loots Burnt Umber paint - 50 ped hunt.

aj502 (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54
Oops... something went wrong

message everytime i try to look at any ROCKtropia clothes.
bigdaddy trim (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54

@duane trim, the history big should be fixed


@Fed Solo Soloteiev, the page is working again. Note that the bug was caused because someone (darrell) removed the polygon of the LA without any apperent reason, so I restored that edit also.


@aj502, I am unable to reporoduce that


@bigdaddy trim, this bug has also been fixed


Thanks all for reporting the bugs.



Witte (talk) - 21-02-2020 00:40:54
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