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Interesting thing are the revival areas -- how were they established? Are they coincident with the Geo Servers?

Gingko. (talk) - 25-04-2006 09:45:02


Camp Phoenix is missing. X=9906 Y=10618 SW -flipkick (talk) - 10-05-2006 23:06:07


The revival areas were tested some time ago,using trial and error.

Over here Camp Phoenix is not missing

Witte (talk) - 11-05-2006 06:00:18


Question: does the Nothern Space Base actually have a TP? It seems rather random that there are 2 tps within the same revival area. (talk) - 28-06-2006 05:48:00


its was added last vu. rev areas still needs to be updated

Witte (talk) - 28-06-2006 06:15:47


this comment may be misplaced, but where is the 'crystal palace'? I've never heard of it until today (talk) - 29-09-2006 15:43:39


as for crystal palace:
its in space, you can travel there by using a pilot who brings you up there. be aware, creatures there are not for newcomers, make sure to bring a team of friends with u and some gear with range and high dmg per sec + good fap n armor

steffel (talk) - 07-10-2006 08:17:10


hi , nice job you guys do thank you.
theres no revival area in amethera, maybe you can check this link.. (talk) - 27-11-2006 01:55:11


Wow Witte, those new MiniMaps in creature pages rocks!

Keep it up!

Paolo (talk) - 2007-01-30 04.46.47


they are 2 new entry on the map for umbranoid male near limnadian district and rippersnaper at the north of fort fury

squeletum (talk) - 17-02-2007 21:33:30


there was an outpost close to coords 74624 81918 but can't tell the exact ones atm.

Lugzan (talk) - 21-08-2009 04:22:49 is no longer a functional site.  Perhaps its time for the link to be removed from the maps ?

Serica (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

Yes the link can indeed be removed. I am currently in conversation with Falco to replace JaxMap with his maps. When this is ready I will also remove the link to JaxMap.

Witte (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

I made the map less cluttered by removing TP names where they were overlapping with the city names. Now that I think about it, it might have been a better idea to keep TP names and delete city names.

Is there a way to disable city names from displaying on the map? As it stands, the name would display twice on the map (city+TP) which is redundant.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

I think its better to keep the city names and remove the TP names like you did now. City names are also shown at a higher zoom level than TP names.

Witte (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

I've been going to different mob locations and deleting them. Alot of the mob locations actually have changed. Also there are alot of new locations also. If someone locates 'Calamusoid Male' Please pm me on EF 'Jewels Snow' or here. Thanks

JustinIce (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

Suggestion: There are some new tracks that are wider and more suited for vehicles than the ordinary roads. It'd be useful for vehicle owners to see where the vehicle tracks are. Perhaps a new type of road?


JustinIce: Calamusoid males are back, west and NW of Chug's Hideout.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

Added race tracks type

Witte (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

Added a new location for Snarg - selected maturity as Old > Guardian, but it's saved it as Old > Leader .. kinda weird. 


Its like its using the Humanoid maturity class in the location table, not the Animal one that should be showing.

Serica (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

Someone added the leader class between provider and guardian. I have removed it again.



Witte (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

when viewing the pictures of the mobs on the map there is a bar of green to red on top and on bottom of the mob and no listing on the page as to what either is and how to read it

can anyone help me with this pls?


Churl (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

Good point, I should add it to the legend. The top bar indicates maturity level, the lower bar spawn density.

Witte (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

Any chance to get a Arkadia map ? I dunno how to upload it or so but i got some guys working on a map HD already

Ranpha (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41
Hi Ranpha, if you can provide me a HD map in PNG format I can upload it.

Witte (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

I have added a couple of teleports that seemed to be missing.  Port Atlantis Mall and Corinth East Hangar A.

Meric (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

When you select the 'Show full' tab for Amathera the base map shown seems to be from an older VU.  Likewise selecting base map -> Amathera.


But the main Map page shows something more believeable!  Can this one not be used?

Meric (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

An anonymous user set some maps to old versions. I have changed it back, and will remove anonymous edits and add a warning when changing images.

Witte (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

Ah!  I wondered!   I have now done some more updates.

Added two TPs at Treasure Island (Hangar A and B)

Disabled the duplicate "Club Meat" location, which was at the wrong location

I have three new TPs in the 'bridge' islands between Eudoria and Amathera.  One - Jameson's Reach is showing, but the others are refused.  They are:

Odysseus landing   54283, 64903

Fort Victoria  55202, 60158

Presumably they need to wait for the system to recognize the new areas.

Meric (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

I've just done a run on the TPs on Rocktropia and found the following.

BioBone Badlands is of course BioDome Badlands.


And 'Digital Abduction Outpost' seems to have been renamed 'Camp Crunk'

Meric (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

After a visit to NI and Greece I have corrected the spelling of a couple of TPs on NI, and added the rather obvious (I would have thought) omitted TP on Ancient Greece.

Meric (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

After a visit to Cyrene I have added Coastal Encampment R66-X teleporter.  This exists and works.  It just isn't in the list automaticaly provided to visitors to the planet.

Meric (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

K, I know that we love the beloved zoom in map and such, but its really laggy and there are sooo many better options out there now.


Can we get one of them?


Darkshine (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41
Currently its a screenshot instead Calypso Planet !
Meliandah (talk) - 20-06-2024 11:56:41

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