Creature Loots (discussion)
Has anyone seen Male thigh guards lately?

Billiac (talk) - 09-06-2006 23:27:29
w00t! Kudos to Witte for implementing the "markup columns in the Creature Loots table".

Paolo (talk) - 2007-02-02 01.55.19
No problem Its was easyer then i first thought.

Witte (talk) - 02-02-2007 20:41:25
I just stumbled over an odd entry, Ambulimax has listed the Storm Coat, but it seems to be a little buggy, I couldn't seem to change the entry to 'No longer drops' or even remove it, because the chart doesn't allow you to choose any clothes, apparently, and won't commit a change without an item selection...

Sound (talk) - 28-02-2008 19:31:13
Sound: try to change 'Old time' on the coat's page to 'Looted'

Downfall (talk) - 28-02-2008 19:35:25
Globsters drop loads of spleen oil, i´d even call it common. Couldnt figure out how to add that (if possible at all for me), but these days i have spleen oil at least once every 5th globster.

Parlog (talk) - 24-04-2008 23:08:43
Last time I was actually thinking about the "loot drop frequency" and how it works, and It come into my mind, that the loot frequency is based simply on the price+markup of the item. So, I believe that there is no such thing in Entropia's database as "frequency of looting" for each item looted by mob, but instead, a game simply creates the total loot value (say, 5.35 PEDs) and then randomize the items looted, counted as item price*MU% (or TT price+MU). That should explain why for example blue paint is looted so rarely, when green loots quite often.
That's quite possible IMO, since we all know the game can calculate the MU of the item (auction), but even can use it when deciding auction or shop sale additional price.

It's only a doubt though, as MA could interfere the loot rate for above mentioned blue paint, just because it had relatively high MU, though it's almost impossible to control all the loots.
Faalagorn (talk) - 07-05-2009 11:31:27

I really doubt this. You can clearly see that when a certain item drops more often, the market price goes down. For example, recently the CB24 dropped a lot more because of the Longtooth event. The marketprice went down fast. Now that the Longtooth are gone it is almost back to its old level again.

Witte (talk) - 23-04-2024 14:19:05

I've seen some dubious loot updates lately, such as ML-45 from Atrox in VU 10.9.2. It may have happened, I don't know, but I reversed the update because I haven't heard of one dropping and the updater gave no proof or comments.

Would it be possible to add a requirement for Comment when updating a loot that's marked Extremely rare?

IceCold3000 (talk) - 23-04-2024 14:19:05

@IceCold3000: I will look into this.

Witte (talk) - 23-04-2024 14:19:05

I recently looted an extremely rare longu item: the Omegaton ASG-1 Pig and thus updated the VU for it to the latest. Here is the proof:

zhulkov (talk) - 23-04-2024 14:19:05

It would be a good idea to agree on whether to have ammo in all creatures' loot tables or not, for the sake of consistency. Maybe make a poll on EF?


I'd prefer if the loot tables didn't contain ammo, however the info text should say that any ammo can drop from any mob.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 23-04-2024 14:19:05

I personally don't really mind if ammo is also added or not. One problem with removing it is that it just a matter of time until someone will add it again. Unless I hard code it to prevent that but thats not really my most preferable option.

Witte (talk) - 23-04-2024 14:19:05
Maybe just add a filter to the loot tables where people can select in their settings what they'd like to see.

I would love to be able to semi-permanently filter out all the animal hides/socket components/robot parts that we KNOW loot from any mob of that type, and just see the items.
Hijacker27 (talk) - 23-04-2024 14:19:05

I made it impossible to update rare loots on the info pages. I also made a source/comments obligatory for most charts.

Witte (talk) - 23-04-2024 14:19:05

Sounds good Witte

IceCold3000 (talk) - 23-04-2024 14:19:05

Diluted Sweat find in Loot by the Old Female.... at this Moment the MU is good!

Ciuciulix (talk) - 23-04-2024 14:19:05
I can't seem to figure out how to add clothes to loot chart. The item I want to add is Jolly Christmas Blue Hat (L), it drops from yulebot.
Downfall (talk) - 23-04-2024 14:19:05

[Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-90] add drop

coinfinder (talk) - 23-04-2024 14:19:05

[B.A.M.F ZA1 (L)] add drop

coinfinder (talk) - 23-04-2024 14:19:05

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