Clothes (discussion)
I have noticed that lonewolf has been inputing the weight of clothes as "0"

Are the weights ingame actually "0" or are they just rounded down to 0, i would imagine that they are 0.1 or something like that

Is there a practical way that we can determine the actual weight of any item that cannot be stacked?

Ingame they say 0, if they are 0.1 they say 0.1, it is possible that the weight of the 0 ones are 0.0001or something along those lines, but there is no way to find this out without MindArks help.


Hmm..after thinking about it again.. I suppose we could find it out, but can you imagine trying to find 100-1000 possibly 10,000 0.0weight clothes...


I added a bunch of the old looted clothes images from my old collection. The quality isn't that great so I didn't overwrite anything that was already there, just added things that didn't already exist. Better then nothing. ;-) ~raeky

raeky (talk) - 09-12-2023 18:19:58

As for the weight, they're not 0 weight they have weight. Back when I had hundreds of articles of clothes (ya I was obsessed) you could easyly tell they weighed something. ;-)

You just need to find someone with several hundred pairs of 0 weight clothes. Have them take them all out of their inventory and write down the weight displayed then add in clothes 100 at a time, and then see how much the weight went up. Then divide the difference by the number of articles to get a rough estimate of each articles weight. Although it's possible crafted weights different then looted, and maybe other differences as well. But they're not 0.

raeky (talk) - 09-12-2023 18:19:58

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