Weapon: Unique Dub & McCormick Terminator
Specifications                  [Edit]
Range:128.0 meter
Weight:5.9 kg
Damage:130 HP
Attacks:55 /min
Reload:1.1 seconds
Damage/second:119.2 HP
Decay:4.400 PEC
Cost:32.400 PEC
Maximal TT:17957.00 PED
Minimal TT:538.71 PED
Effective markup:100.0 %
Total Uses:395871
Cost/second:29.70 PEC/sec
Damage/PEC:2.784 HP
Efficiency:50.4 %
Damage types
Impact:18 HP
Penetration:112 HP
Misc. Info
Amplifier:BLP Amp
Ammo:BLP Pack
Hit profession
Hit Profession:BLP Sniper (Hit)
Recommended Level:8.9 Levels
Maxed:40 Levels
Damage profession
Damage Profession:Ranged BLP (Dmg)
Recommended Level:8.9 Levels
Maxed:40 Levels
Source:Contest Prize
Found on:Planet Calypso

This is a one-of-a-kind weapon, specially made by the famous engineer Roman Ram, which was the grand prize in the 2005 Project Entropia Movie Contest. It is named after the creators of the movie Dub and McCormick. The movie is called The Thruth.

Official Announcement and direct link (FTP) to the winning movie.

Youtube video: 


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