Weapon: Castorian Xeno-Dagger Scratcher
Specifications                  [Edit]
Range:5.0 meter
Weight:0.3 kg
Damage:66 HP
Attacks:67 /min
Reload:0.9 seconds
Damage/second:73.7 HP
Decay:15.820 PEC
Cost:15.820 PEC
Maximal TT:462.00 PED
Minimal TT:13.85 PED
Effective markup:100.0 %
Total Uses:2833
Cost/second:17.67 PEC/sec
Damage/PEC:2.894 HP
Efficiency:58.5 %
Damage types
Stab:14 HP
Burn:52 HP
Misc. Info
Amplifier:Melee Amp
Hit profession
Hit Profession:Knifefighter (Hit)
Recommended Level:55 Levels
Damage profession
Damage Profession:Knifefighter (Dmg)
Recommended Level:55 Levels
Found on:Planet Calypso

Few people seem to believe the Federal Empire when they say the Red "D"-series daggers could not possibly be using alien technology, but the design is far from anything usually encountered on Calypso. The lightweight blade burns through the enemy rather than simply cuts or stabs, causing horrific damage even to internal organs, if used the right way.


Local arms makers have attempted to replicate the powerful original daggers for a long time, but no past attempt has been as successful as this.

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