Weapon: Dehera Immolation Sword
Specifications                  [Edit]
Range:6.0 meter
Weight:0.7 kg
Damage:58 HP
Attacks:52 /min
Reload:1.2 seconds
Damage/second:50.3 HP
Decay:13.972 PEC
Cost:13.972 PEC
Maximal TT:140.00 PED
Minimal TT:4.20 PED
Effective markup:100.0 %
Total Uses:972
Cost/second:12.11 PEC/sec
Damage/PEC:2.880 HP
Efficiency:57.4 %
Damage types
Cut:44 HP
Burn:14 HP
Misc. Info
Amplifier:Melee Amp
Hit profession
Hit Profession:Swordsman (Hit)
Recommended Level:33 Levels
Maxed:38 Levels
Damage profession
Damage Profession:Swordsman (Dmg)
Recommended Level:33 Levels
Maxed:38 Levels
Found on:Planet Arkadia

Variant: Longblade

Availability: Looted

To Use: Equip, point at your target and left click to operate.


This sword appears to have been developed for use in the desert regions of Sentosa. Some recovered and translated materials indicate this area may have been known as "Dehera".


The IFN Science Division has concluded that this particular weapon inflicts a rapid temperature increase where it contacts the target.


The damage potential was realised when the laboratory bench caught fire without warning. This also resulted in the unfortunate incineration of the lab assistant's model of the IFNS Newton.


Caution: Do not use this weapon to toast marshmallows.

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