Weapon: Embra Spectral Enblade (L)
Specifications                  [Edit]
Range:8.0 meter
Weight:1.6 kg
Damage:178 HP
Attacks:33 /min
Reload:1.8 seconds
Damage/second:97.9 HP
Decay:41.850 PEC
Cost:41.850 PEC
Maximal TT:406.00 PED
Minimal TT:12.18 PED
Effective markup:100.0 %
Total Uses:942
Cost/second:23.02 PEC/sec
Damage/PEC:2.951 HP
Efficiency:62.8 %
Damage types
Stab:22 HP
Cut:68 HP
Burn:22 HP
Cold:22 HP
Acid:22 HP
Electric:22 HP
Misc. Info
Amplifier:Melee Amp
Hit profession
Hit Profession:Swordsman (Hit)
Recommended Level:85 Levels
Damage profession
Damage Profession:Swordsman (Dmg)
Recommended Level:85 Levels
Found on:Planet Calypso

While it is true that Embra bought a lot of the technology used for this blade from Genesis Star, they have vastly improved upon the efficiency in some of the components used. Sadly, they have not been able to reduce the size of the components and as a result the blade is heavy and extremely hard to use unless properly trained.

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