Society: UPC - United People of Calypso
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Average HP:141.0
Average Total Skill:123466.0
Average Highest Skill:6962.0
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Some of the members in this society.

Full NameGiven NameSociety RankCountryProfessionHighest SkillTotal SkillsHealthDate of ArrivalPlace of Arrival
 Dexter Seamaster Warlock  Sweden      
 Nathan Nate DyonNathanMining ForemanSwedenHunter, Crafter6962123466149  
 Silver di Avlo SurferSilver di AvloMining ForemanSwedenMiner   21-12-2002Near Atlas Haven
 Susannah mrs Icesusannahmining foremanNetherlandsHunter, miner     
TeranoZ Evil SlayerTeranoZMining ForemanNetherlandsMiner  13301-09-2003Port Atlantis

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