Society: The Disturbed Ones
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Leader:Angel Spike Sunny
Founder:Angel Spike Sunny
Found Date:21-11-2005
Average HP:130.0
Average Total Skill:86943.4
Average Highest Skill:5492.2
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Some of the members in this society.

Full NameGiven NameSociety RankCountryProfessionHighest SkillTotal SkillsHealthDate of ArrivalPlace of Arrival
 Angel Spike SunnySpikeCaptain  585482805130  
Blake Seven SimonsSevenGroup LeaderUnited KingdomHunter/Mindtropian55448566712614-11-2005Fort Argus
 Cykel Jul HjulCykelGroup LeaderSweden 360632132105 Port Atlantis
 Daniel Rejman SahlinrejmanGroup LeaderSwedenMiner, Hunter442461336112  
 Dano Ghana RondoGhanaGroup LeaderCanadaRoustabout   31-05-2005Port Atlantis
 Freddy fo0d Kruegerfo0d Italy      
 Glen Scapa BowmoreScapaGruntSweden      
 Jaqui Rockchick JoviRockchickAdvisorUnited KingdomTin Can Destroyer  135  
 Jaxon Blackjack CrowleyBlackjackGroup LeaderUnited StatesHunter710910198916407-01-2007Port Atlantis
JiggyFly NetStalker SloanNetStalkerAdvisorUnited StatesMiner/Hunter50008700011701-02-2005Jason Center
 Leona Cat SrelliwCat United Kingdom      
 Nysser xentric HithsagexentricVeteranUnited KingdomHunter,Miner,Crafter50657685911927-08-2007Port Atlantis
 Praug Praugster RedbearPraugstergroup leaderUnited Stateshunter,miner685016333215810-01-2005Camp Echidna
 Qoriad Bob GovintlBobGroup LeaderUnited KingdomHunter7720170266166  
 Ranyard Rany Ranyhyn  United States      
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