Society: Freelancer
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Average HP:129.7
Average Total Skill:96966.4
Average Highest Skill:5028.4
A freelancer is a person whom does not have a society.
Freelancers are either newcomers to the world, or persons that made the choice to live by themselves.

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Some of the members in this society.

Full NameGiven NameSociety RankCountryProfessionHighest SkillTotal SkillsHealthDate of ArrivalPlace of Arrival
 Adam Loud Steele  PolandMiner,Crafter,Hunter    Port Atlantis
 Aislinn Downfall Findlay  RussiaHunter690915268216830-01-2007New Oxford
 Alexander Aeolus BlackAeolus Russia    10-02-2015Camp Icarus
 Alexander HegyiHegyi United Statescrafter   15-10-2006Port Atlantis
 Altair Saren SheppardAltair United States 8818788 Port Atlantis
 Amico Mike SilverfallSilverfall FranceHunter     
 Arokh Arokh CindarArokh United KingdomHunter, Miner    Atlantis
 AshaAsha  Laser Pistoleer6486 15002-02-2005Port Atlantis
 Astral Darkwolf InoxDarkwolf Canada    21-12-2006Port Atlantis
 Avalon Avalon GallagherAvalon       Port Atlantis
Bagutta chesta Bonestormchesta United StatesCrafter663212457712006-01-2005Atlas Haven
 Bambuco BAM Vuitrago  United StatesHunter, Tailor535665301117 Port Atlantis
 Barney Tuffe StinsonTuffe Sweden 51508752613101-06-2010 
 baxarin baxarin baxarinbaxarin   9633204926197  
 Benevolent 3J Afterdark3JOne Man ArmyUnited States     Calypso
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