Society: SPU ¦ Smart Professionals United
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Leader:Larios Semai Niva
Founder:Larios Semai Niva
Found Date:03-09-2006
Average HP:112.0
Average Total Skill:52581.8
Average Highest Skill:3892.4
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Some of the members in this society.

Full NameGiven NameSociety RankCountryProfessionHighest SkillTotal SkillsHealthDate of ArrivalPlace of Arrival
 Albi Night Elf GensNight ElfVeterenUnited StatesHunter, Miner     
 Boreal Hardway AurorusHardwayVeteranCanada      
 David James LyonsDJVeteranUnited States      
 Elias Hudson KoshKoshGroup LeaderIsraelMiner5653128330140  
 Ernest Ernest HimblerErnestVeteranFinlandHunter, Miner491369958120  
 Hary Bezaliel AngellBezalielAdvisorPolandMiner/Hunter4360 12307-05-2004Port Atlantis
 Hubert Sniqs ZycinskiSniqsAdvisorPolandSwordsman   01-10-2004Port Atlantis
 Jen Sea LadySea MalaysiaHunter, Miner    Port Atlantis
 Jerry Wollo WollongongWolloVeteranNetherlandsHunter, Miner   07-06-2007Port Atlantis
 Johannes John Freehill  Denmark 2374175349317-05-2005Fort Troy
 Jrod JRawd gDJrodVeteranUnited States 446962069115  
 Larios Semai NivaSemaiCaptain Hunter   30-05-2005Port Atlantis
 Lucy Shadoweye MerrinShadowVeteranPolandMiner, Hunter4400  28-05-2007Port Atlantis
 Malacalypse Mal the ElderMalachalypseGroup LeaderSwedenHunter, Crafter, Miner41003330010305-02-2006Port Atlantis
 ocdpublications adj nonameadj United Statessweater, miner    port atlantis
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