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Health is the amount of punishment your avatar can sustain before he or she dies.

Avatars regenerate Health at a fixed rate of 4 hp per 20 seconds.
The regeneration rate is also not dependent on Stamina or any other attribute.


The starting Health value of a new avatar with just 1 in all skills and attributes is 88.18.


Health is calculated by summing minute contributions from an avatar's skills and attributes, and is therefore not gained in an integral fashion (not by +1 at a time). Each time an avatar gets a skill gain that influences Health a tiny fraction of Health is gained as well. A notice is given when the avatar Health reaches the next integer value.

The respective contributions of skills and attributes to Health can be found in the Skill Chart, where the column "HP increase" is the number of points of the skill or attribute needed to give one complete point of Health.

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