Shop: Maria's Melee Market
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Owner:Maria Mastermesh Mesh
Estate Area:Omegaton Delta Complex
Found On:Planet Calypso

The Killer Gear!... Killer Prices Apartment shop is located in Omegaton Delta Complex, Apartment 1A.  Maria mastermesh Mesh owns this apartment and the shopkeepers inside.  Currently, there are two shopkeepers.  More may be added in the future.  Maria also owns Booth the Killer Gear!... Killer Prices Booth, which is also located in the Delta Tower at Omegaton West Habitat.  # 3.  Sometimes, one of the shopkeepers is put in the booth, but there will always be at least one shopkeeper in the apartment.  Additionally, the area inside of the apartment outside of the shopkeepers functions as a TT shop for the NBK Group of socieites, as well as for anyone that regularly sells things to Maria at TT prices. 

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