Shop: The Lost Library
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Owner:Maria Mastermesh Mesh
Estate Area:Omegaton Delta Complex

Located in Block A, Shop 1, of the Delta Tower at Omegaton West Habitat, the Lost Library now carries a wide variety of blueprints at bargain prices.  As blueprints are sold, more will be restocked regularly.

I will also try to have no duplicate blueprint in the shop if possible. You should only find duplicate blueprints here if I'm
running low on Blueprints in storage. More blueprints are purchased regularly so I plan on keeping as many item slots full with a wide
variety of blueprints as I can at all times.


If you are a crafter yourself, or know a crafter that TTs blueprints,
you might also look in to the Lost Library Blueprint Exchange Service. PM mastermesh on Entropiaforum for more details.


I will do consignment deals on high level, L, or otherwise rare blueprints... With that, I plan to buy at TT price, try to sell the bp for you, and if it does sell, we share profits. If no sale, you get the bp back at tt price. I plan on probably basing commission structure at a level where I'm charging only 80% or so what the auction normally charges you to sell, except it's better than the auction since there's no cost to you if the item does not sell - you just pay me back TT price that I paid you. I do the pay TT price so that you can double check to make sure that I'm not clicking on your L bps, etc. I may adjust the commission amount later if I determine that I can do a lower price than 80% of what the auction costs you...

That breaks down to be a consignment fee structure that looks something like this:

Or if you want a simpler format it breaks down like this:
More information and a list of items that have been previously available at the booth or shopkeepers (and still might be available if things have not sold) can be found at

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