Pet: S0ph13
Specifications                  [Edit]
Energy max pec:4000
Energy Consumption:19
Found on:Entropia Universe
Required taming level:n/a
Pet skills:Auto Loot Str. 32 Aq.Level.30
Increase Generation Str. 15 Aq.Level.06
Information about aquire:Webshop 2019 with 50 Moon Deeds ($300)

S0ph13 pet is free with purchase of 50 Arkadia Moon Deeds from WebShop (10/4/2019).


Description: "Summon a cute assistant robot from Arkadia Moon"



  1. Greet
  2. Dance
  3. Bow
  4. Roll
  5. Super Jump


Passive Abilities


Level   6: Increase Pet Focus Generation - Unlocks by repeatedly using Greet Trick.
Level 30: Auto-Loot - Unlocks by ???

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