Creature: Ubo
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Maturity Class:Animal
Found on:Planet Arkadia
Damage types
Burn:100 %
HP of least Maturity:60 HP

ACA Challenge - Ubo Stage 1
Kill 100 Ubo
Handgun (eq. 0.19 PED implant)
ACA Challenge - Ubo Stage 2
Kill 750 Ubo
Reward: Combat Reflexes (eq. 1.41 PED implant)
ACA Challenge - Ubo Stage 3
Kill 2800 Ubo
Reward: Explosive Projectile Weaponry (eq. 3.33 PED implant)
ACA Challenge - Ubo Stage 4
Kill 5650 Ubo
Reward: Intelligence (25 Tokens) and Inflict Melee Damage (eq. 2.25 PED implant) or
Psyche (25 Tokens) and Inflict Melee Damage (eq. 2.25 PED implant)
ACA Challenge - Ubo Stage 5
Kill 9000 Ubo
Reward: Agility (50 Tokens) or
Psyche (50 Tokens)
ACA Killpoint Challenge - Ubo Stage 6 (Repeatable)
Objective: Kill Ubo worth 60000 kill points
Reward: Ubo Figurine +
Handgun (eq. 11.25 PED implant)

First encountered under the desert regions of Sentosa, a lone Ubo may seem relatively harmless, however the thought of being taken unaware by a large group of them is bloodcurdling to even the most experienced of hunters.

Fortunately, they make a satisfying "squidge" sound when eliminated, and this aids in motivating hunters to keep them at bay.

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Maturity Levels

Attributes of the creature. Damage vs. Armor calculations.

MaturityHealthRegen. SpeedDamageDanger LevelHP/LvlThreatTaming Level
Young60 32610192 
Mature150 40  600 
Old300 45  1350 
Provider600 48  2880 
Guardian700 50  3500 
Dominant800 601361.54800 
Alpha1000 751566.77500 
Old Alpha1500 901883.313500 
Prowler1500 951978.914250 
Stalker1650 1002082.516500 
 HPHP/sHP   Level

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Loots from this creature. The "Last VU" button updates the "Latest VU" column to the current VU. Entries with a red background have not yet been reported to drop this VU. Warning: Some loots may be false.
The "Maturity" column is used to indicate the lowest maturity from which an item has been looted.

ItemFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
Animal Oil ResidueCommon 17.0.5Last VUEdit
Ubo FleshUnknown Last VUEdit
Advanced Leather ExtractorCommon Last VUEdit
Animal Muscle OilCommon Last VUEdit
Ubo VesicleUnknown Last VUEdit
Animal HideUnknown Last VUEdit
Second-Rate Cloth ExtractorUnknown Last VUEdit
ShrapnelVery oftenYoungLast VUEdit
Animal Eye OilCommon Last VUEdit
Enhanced Cloth ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
Paint Can (Dark Steel Blue)Uncommon Last VUEdit
Basic Wood ExtractorCommon Last VUEdit
 Piron PBP-22 (L)Unknown 15.1.1Last VUEdit
Weapon CellsNo longer drops VUEdit
BLP PackNo longer drops Last VUEdit
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Defence Skills

The following skills are involved by being attacked by this creature.

SkillHiddenSkill EffectHP increase
Attributes: AgilityNo840
Combat: Combat ReflexesNo111600
Combat: Combat SenseYes6800
Defense: AvoidanceYes70
Defense: EvadeNo250
General: AlertnessNo50
General: AthleticsNo14533.3
General: CourageNo7320
General: IntuitionYes31600
General: QuicknessYes93200
General: SerendipityYes51600

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