Creature: Beacon Mission
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Maturity Class:Beacon Mission
Found on:Planet Calypso

Beacon Missions can be started by using a fully repaired Beacon and entering the instance at the designated coordinates. Beacons are available in different values with different difficulties. Higher Beacon values give harder missions. The levels are in some cases randomized but the start and boss levels are always the same. These are the robots that can be found inside the various Beacons Missions:

Matrix (The Enigma Keys)RobotMaturity
SoldiersAkbal DefenderPrototype
SoldiersAkbal DrokaPrototype
SoldiersAkbal DronePrototype
End-bossGeneral PallasSingle


2.5 PED BeaconRobotMaturity
SoldiersAkbal DefenderPrototype
SoldiersAkbal DrokaPrototype
SoldiersAkbal DronePrototype
SoldiersAkbal LegionnairePrototype
SoldiersAkbal TrooperPrototype
SoldiersAkbal WarriorPrototype
End-bossGeneral ErisSingle



23 PED BeaconRobotMaturity
SoldiersAkbal Defender01
SoldiersAkbal Droka01
SoldiersAkbal Drone01
SoldiersAkbal Drone Coordinator01
Halfway-bossExperimental Holo-CoordinatorSingle
End-bossDrone Commander ZtyxSingle



25 PED BeaconRobotMaturity
SoldiersAkbal Defender02
SoldiersAkbal Droka02
SoldiersAkbal Drone02
SoldiersAkbal Drone Coordinator02
SoldiersAkbal Warrior02
Halfway-bossExperimental Holo-DrokaSingle
End-bossDefender Commander W411Single



29 PED BeaconRobotMaturity
SoldiersAkbal Defender03
SoldiersAkbal Droka03
SoldiersAkbal Drone03
SoldiersAkbal Drone Coordinator03
SoldiersAkbal Trooper03
SoldiersAkbal Warrior03
Halfway-bossExperimental Holo-SecentSingle
End-bossAkbal Trooper BodyguardSingle
End-bossAdmiral AkzarSingle



35 PED Beacon Easy (1110...)RobotMaturity
SoldiersAkbal Defender04
SoldiersAkbal Droka04
SoldiersAkbal Drone04
SoldiersAkbal Drone Coordinator04
SoldiersAkbal Legionnaire04
SoldiersAkbal Trooper04
SoldiersAkbal Warrior04
Halfway-bossExperimental Holo-EvisceratorSingle



35 PED Beacon Hard (1111...)RobotMaturity
SoldiersAkbal Defender05
SoldiersAkbal Eviscerator05
SoldiersAkbal HarbingerEpsilon
SoldiersAkbal Legionnaire05
SoldiersAkbal Trooper05
SoldiersAkbal Warrior05
Halfway-bossExperimental Holo-Warrior Single
End-bossSpider Bomber (Akbal)Single
End-bossLady EvisceraSingle



39 PED BeaconRobotMaturity
SoldiersAkbal Big Bulk06
SoldiersAkbal Defender06
SoldiersAkbal Eviscerator06
SoldiersAkbal HarbingerDigamma
SoldiersAkbal Legionnaire06
SoldiersAkbal Second Entity06
SoldiersAkbal Trooper06
SoldiersAkbal Warrior06
Halfway-bossExperimental Holo-Warlock Single
End-bossThird Entity EchidnaSingle
End-bossBig BanSingle



42 PED BeaconRobotMaturity
SoldiersAkbal Big Bulk07
SoldiersAkbal Defender07
SoldiersAkbal Droka02
SoldiersAkbal Eviscerator07
SoldiersAkbal HarbingerZeta
SoldiersAkbal Legionnaire07
SoldiersAkbal Second Entity07
SoldiersAkbal TrooperPrototype
SoldiersAkbal Warlock07
SoldiersAkbal Warrior07
Halfway-bossExperimental Holo-LegionnaireSingle
End-bossWarlock Commander HadesSingle

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Loots from this creature. The "Last VU" button updates the "Latest VU" column to the current VU. Entries with a red background have not yet been reported to drop this VU. Warning: Some loots may be false.
The "Maturity" column is used to indicate the lowest maturity from which an item has been looted.

ItemFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
ShrapnelVery often2.5PED16.4.1Last VUEdit
Robot Component ResidueVery oftenMatrix16.3.1Last VUEdit
Robot Data LinkOften Last VUEdit
Robot Range FinderOften Last VUEdit
Robot Power AmplifierCommon35PED HardLast VUEdit
Robot Tilt CompensatorCommon Last VUEdit
Robot Contraction UnitCommon35PED HardLast VUEdit
Lion HarnessUnknown42PEDLast VUEdit
Beaten Metal Robot ScrapVery often25PEDLast VUEdit
Robot Safety SystemVery often23PEDLast VUEdit
Robot CasingVery often23PEDLast VUEdit
Robot Optical LensVery often25PEDLast VUEdit
Omegaton ASG-4 Wildboar (L)Uncommon25PEDLast VUEdit
Robot FilterCommonMatrixLast VUEdit
Polished Metal Robot ScrapUncommon39PEDLast VUEdit
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