Creature: Sicarius
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Maturity Class:Sicarius
Found on:Arkadia Moon
Scanning:Animal Investigator
Arkadia Moon
The Sicarius form one part of a major hive. These creatures scout out all form of carbon based lifeforms and feed of sulphur enriched matter.

It is extremely rare to stumble across one of these far away from the hive, but be warned, if a hive is close by, there will be a brood mother close by.

Approach with caution

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Maturity Levels

Attributes of the creature. Damage vs. Armor calculations.

MaturityHealthRegen. SpeedDamageDanger LevelHP/LvlThreatTaming Level
Scout630 409702520 
Nurse830 501175.54150 
Worker990 601376.25940 
Soldier (L15)1100  1573.3  
Miner1320  1777.6  
Brute1320  1777.6  
Guard1420  1974.7  
Drone1550  2173.8  
Commander1500  2171.4  
Soldier (L24)1700  2470.8  
Breeder1750  2667.3  
Reaper1900  2867.9  
 HPHP/sHP   Level

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Loots from this creature. The "Last VU" button updates the "Latest VU" column to the current VU. Entries with a red background have not yet been reported to drop this VU. Warning: Some loots may be false.
The "Maturity" column is used to indicate the lowest maturity from which an item has been looted.

ItemFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
ShrapnelVery often 17.2.2aLast VUEdit
Tier 2 ComponentOften 17.0.5Last VUEdit
Animal Thyroid OilVery often 17.0.3Last VUEdit
WoolOften Last VUEdit
Thin WoolOften Last VUEdit
Sicarius HideVery often Last VUEdit
Animal Adrenal OilOften Last VUEdit
Animal Oil ResidueVery often Last VUEdit
Animal Eye OilCommon Last VUEdit
Socket 1 ComponentCommonScoutLast VUEdit
Electronic Stabilizing ComponentCommonScoutLast VUEdit
Animal Kidney OilUncommonScout17.0Last VUEdit
Focus Lens ComponentOften 15.18.1Last VUEdit
Paint Can (Light Green)Uncommon Last VUEdit
Tier 1 ComponentOften Last VUEdit
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Where the creature can be found.

ContinentLonLatTypeNameDensityLand Area
Arkadia Moon93009999Creature Sicarius Drone to ReaperMedium
Arkadia Moon911010920 Sicarius Scout to WorkerMedium
Arkadia Moon1528912139 Sicarius Soldier(L15) to GuardMedium

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Defence Skills

The following skills are involved by being attacked by this creature.

SkillHiddenSkill EffectHP increase
Attributes: AgilityNo840
Combat: Combat ReflexesNo111600
Combat: Combat SenseYes6800
Defense: AvoidanceYes70
Defense: EvadeNo250
General: AlertnessNo50
General: AthleticsNo14533.3
General: CourageNo7320
General: IntuitionYes31600
General: QuicknessYes93200
General: SerendipityYes51600

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Scanning Skills

You get these skills by scanning the creature.

SkillHiddenSkill EffectHP increase
Attributes: IntelligenceNo280
General: PerceptionNo51600
Information: ProbingNo60
Information: Scan AnimalNo460
Science: AnalysisNo100
Science: BiologyNo100
Science: BotanyNo80
Science: ComputerNo20
Science: ScientistYes51600
Science: XenobiologyYes40
Science: ZoologyNo20

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