Mission: Craft an Imperium Key Cube!
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Planet Cyrene
Mission Chain:Repeatable (Cyrene)
Objective:Craft an Imperium Key Cube
Reward:Manufacture Metal Equipment (eq 0.06 PED Implant)
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Ron Sophiscus - Item Fabricator
Nearest City:0x101 Supply Depot
Added:Planet Cyrene 2013.2

Ahoy <nickname>!

The Key Summonner is really on my back, can you help me?

- What, who?

The Key summoner! He wants more Imperium Key Cubes to summon weird creatures or something...

So if you successfully craft one I'll increase your Manufacture Metal Equipment by 0.06 PED.

Can you help me out?

- Fine, but I'm not happy.
- Sorry man, can't do it.

Come on man! I need help!

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