Misc. Tool: Arkadian Golden Key
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Type:Arkadian Key
Weight:0.2 kg
Maximal TT:1000 PED
Minimal TT:320.00 PED
Found on:Planet Arkadia
User Value:6000.00 PED (2013-08-21)

Variant: Arkadian Key

Availability: Manufactured

To Use: Ensure the Arkadian Golden Key is repaired to its full Trade Terminal value, that it is in your Inventory and that you are a member of a team.  Approach and operate an Arkadian Golden Door.


An Archaeological Society team discovered the first Key in an underground chamber near the ancient ruins of Aakas, and research quickly revealed that ten different energy signatures corresponded to the ten different doors in the chamber.


However, there was an eleventh door in a special chamber of its own beyond the first ten - a golden door protected by a more complicated energy signature.  Arter painstaking research and development, the IFN Science Division finally unravelled its secrets, making the Arkadian Golden Key a possibility.  However, it is difficult to come by, requiring a broad range of ingredients in its manufacture.


Be prepared, use at your own risk, and enjoy the Treasure Hunting!

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These blueprints are used to craft the item.

NameLevelMaterialsItem valueItem markupItem markupCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Arkadian Golden Key Blueprint61110006000.00PED 318.50545.06171.1Planet Arkadia
Arkadian Golden Key Blueprint (L)61110006000.00PED 318.50545.06171.1Planet Arkadia

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