Material: Pile of Diamonds
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Type:Precious Stones
Value:0.5 PED
Found on:Entropia Universe
User Value:110.00 % (2018-11-01)
This pile of precious stones can be used in the manufacture of other objects.

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Raw Materials

Raw materials needed to refine to this item.

Raw MaterialAmountFound on
Diamond1/1000Entropia Universe

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Item tierAmountCostCost/MCost/%
0x0F382C8C91E58C8B24DF Tier 9908454.00499.40110.0
A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Improved Tier 963173158.503474.35110.0
A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Improved Tier 1070193509.503860.45110.0
A&P Series Mayhem LR-60, Augmented Tier 1079183959.004354.90110.0
ArMatrix LP-70, FEN Edition Tier 971043552.003907.20110.0
CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 2, TEN Edition Tier 10969484.50532.95110.0
CDF XTLC 400 Tier 9639319.50351.45110.0
CDF XTLC 1000 Tier 948252412.502653.75110.0
DOA Foeripper Tier 920951047.501152.25110.0
DOA Foeripper Tier 1023291164.501280.95110.0
DOA Slugstorm Tier 920981049.001153.90110.0
DOA Slugstorm Tier 1023291164.501280.95110.0
EWE LC-300 Ambush Tier 923911195.501315.05110.0
EWE LC-625 Gleamer Tier 944372218.502440.35110.0
Finder F-105 Tier 9263131.50144.65110.0
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