Material: Advanced Wood Extractor
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Type:Texture Extractor
Weight:0.01 kg
Value:0.01 PED
Found on:Planet Calypso
This texture extractor is used in combination with a raw material to produce a material texture.

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Blueprints where the material is used.

BlueprintAmountCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Bigwig Texture Blueprint10.010.01100.0Planet Calypso
Corria Texture Blueprint10.010.01100.0Planet Calypso
Stinktree Texture Blueprint10.010.01100.0Planet Calypso

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This item has been reported to drop from these creatures.

CreatureFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
AraneatroxUncommonYoung17.3.0Last VUEdit
BahriCommonOldLast VUEdit
NeomexUncommonSoldierLast VUEdit
OstelokUncommonProwler17.2.2aLast VUEdit
Mang ChangOftenMatureLast VUEdit
Scout BotCommonCollector XTLast VUEdit
Atrox (Calypso)UncommonHatchlingLast VUEdit
HoggloUncommonYoungLast VUEdit
Badger 710RCommon Last VUEdit
KhaffashCommonPrimevalLast VUEdit
Jeef QaherCommonPioneerLast VUEdit
NaviUncommon Last VUEdit
MulmunUncommonOutcastLast VUEdit
CyclopsUncommon 17.1bLast VUEdit
FormidonUncommonYoungLast VUEdit
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