Creature Class: Instances - Arkadia
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Creatures in this class.

NameFound onStbCutImpPenShrBrnCldAcdElcMovementCombatAttacksRangeAggressionTamableSweatableMin HPMin Global
 Aakas 01Planet Arkadia              NoNo  
 Aakas 02Planet Arkadia              NoNo  
 Aakas 03Planet Arkadia              NoNo  
 Aakas 04Planet Arkadia              NoNo  
 Aakas 05Planet Arkadia              NoNo  
 Aakas 06Planet Arkadia              NoNo  
 Aakas 07Planet Arkadia              NoNo  
 Aakas 08Planet Arkadia              NoNo  
 Aakas 09Planet Arkadia              NoNo  
 Aakas 10Planet Arkadia              NoNo  
 Arkadian Golden DoorPlanet Arkadia              NoNo  
 Sal'diresh's Vault 1Planet Arkadia              NoNo  
 Sal'diresh's Vault 2Planet Arkadia              NoNo  
 Sal'diresh's Vault 3Planet Arkadia              NoNo  
 Sal'diresh's Vault 4Planet Arkadia              NoNo  
   %%%%%%%%%  /minm   HPPED
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