Creature Class: Human (ROCKtropia)
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As with most ROCKtropian humans, there are several different models for the same maturities. The same model may also used for different classes of humans. The Mulholland Boyz photos demonstrate this with the numerous human models to be found all over ROCKtropia!



A theory about the ROCKtropia humans


It could be that the names given to the human mobs are actually their maturities, and the type of mobs are the different characters. For example the guys in red shirts, with a red bandana, and carrying two guns - they represent the mob and appear as Mulholland Boys, Hustlers, Harlem Husters, Stereo Jackers etc. I have noticed this particular human mob drops Body Fat - from various of these "maturities". If this theory is correct, then the way these ROCKtropian human mobs are recorded in this wiki is all wrong.


(Crazy Fish, 29 May 2018)

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Maturity Levels

The maturity levels of the creatures in this class.

Single Maturity Mob0singles
L11L1 human
L22L2 human
L2a2ROCKtropia Beat Cops have two types of L2
L33L3 human
L4 Green/Yellow Hair3L4 human with green or yellow hair
L44L4 human
L4 30hp4L4 human with 30 HP
L4 50hp4L4 human with 50 HP
L4 Purple/Blue Hair4L4 human with purple/blue hair
L55L5 human
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Creatures in this class.

NameFound onStbCutImpPenShrBrnCldAcdElcMovementCombatAttacksRangeAggressionTamableSweatableMin HPMin Global
AIROCKtropia3367       RunningClose42  NoYes42
Bank RobberROCKtropia         Running   HighNoYes2 
 Bass MonkeyROCKtropia         RunningClose   NoYes800 
 BikerROCKtropia         RunningClose   NoYes1000 
 BreakdancerROCKtropia         RunningClose   NoYes50 
BumROCKtropia         RunningClose  LowNoYes10 
 Crack HeadROCKtropia              NoYes500 
 DreamerROCKtropia              NoNo1800 
Forum TrollROCKtropia         RunningClose  LowNoYes50 
HaterROCKtropia 100       Running 30 LowNoYes30050
 HODLRROCKtropia              NoYes2080 
HustlerROCKtropia         RunningFirearms   NoYes30 
 ModROCKtropia              NoYes60 
Pissed Off CopROCKtropia         RunningFirearms   NoYes40 
Prison S.O.R.T OfficerROCKtropia3333 33     RunningClose  HighNoYes2500 
   %%%%%%%%%  /minm   HPPED
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