Creature Class: Animal (Cyrene)
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Maturity Levels

The maturity levels of the creatures in this class.

Recently Hatched0Empi
Puny0Cyrene mob ranking
Puny Air0Pleak
Puny Water0Pleak
Puny Earth0Pleak
Single Maturity Mob0 
Weak1Cyrene mob ranking
Bile3Cyrene mob ranking
Watcher3Cyrene mob ranking
Old Jack4Flesh Ripper Maturity
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Creatures in this class.

NameFound onStbCutImpPenShrBrnCldAcdElcMovementCombatAttacksRangeAggressionTamableSweatableMin HPMin Global
Armored Whisker FishPlanet Cyrene         Swimming    NoNo1750 
ArretPlanet Cyrene  100      RunningClose20  noYes20 
Byg ByrdPlanet Cyrene         Flying    NoYes105000 
EmpiPlanet Cyrene50      50 FlyingClose  MediumNoYes5010
Flesh RipperPlanet Cyrene333333      FlyingClose  LowNoNo1200 
Great Sea Beast LazidolPlanet Cyrene   33  3333 SwimmingClose   NoNo9400 
Horned Whisker FishPlanet Cyrene         SwimmingClose   NoNo250 
JellywormPlanet Cyrene  40301010  10CrawlingClose   NoYes100 
NimetPlanet Cyrene        100RunningClose, AOE   NoYes55050
Old JackPlanet Cyrene         FlyingClose   NoNo1300 
Puny/Weak Mang ChangPlanet Cyrene333333      RunningClose   YesYes800 
Puny/Weak Rhino BeetlePlanet Cyrene402040      RunningClose   YesYes1000 
Rhino BeetlePlanet Cyrene402040      RunningClose   NoYes3500 
Rhyncho BirdPlanet Cyrene  5050     FlyingClose   NoYes4800 
Sea WraithPlanet Cyrene  20     80FlyingClose   NoYes10030
   %%%%%%%%%  /minm   HPPED
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