Creature Class: Robot
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Maturity Levels

The maturity levels of the creatures in this class.

Single Maturity Mob0Special class - Only one maturity exists
Prototype0Akbal maturity rank
Gen 0111st generation of manufactured robot units
Gen 0222nd generation of manufactured robot units
Gen 0333rd generation of manufactured robot units
Gen 0444th generation of manufactured robot units
Gen 055etc
Gen 066etc
Gen 077etc
Gen 088etc
Gen 099etc
Gen 1010etc
Annihilator11Big big bulk
Elite Gen 0111Robot invasion Defender
Lieutenant Antaeus11Typhon's Reach Boss
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Creatures in this class.

NameFound onStbCutImpPenShrBrnCldAcdElcMovementCombatAttacksRangeAggressionTamableSweatableMin HPMin Global
Admiral AkzarPlanet Calypso         RunningFirearms   NoNo9000 
Akbal Big BulkPlanet Calypso         RunningClose   NoNo  
Akbal DefenderPlanet Calypso         RunningFirearms   NoNo  
Akbal DrokaPlanet Calypso         RunningFirearms   NoNo240 
Akbal DronePlanet Calypso         RunningFirearms   NoNo200 
Akbal Drone CoordinatorPlanet Calypso         RunningFirearms   NoNo280 
Akbal EvisceratorPlanet Calypso         RunningClose   NoNo  
Akbal LegionnairePlanet Calypso         RunningFirearms   NoNo  
Akbal Second EntityPlanet Calypso         RunningClose   NoNo  
Akbal TrooperPlanet Calypso         RunningFirearms   NoNo  
Akbal Trooper BodyguardPlanet Calypso         RunningFirearms   NoNo1200 
Akbal WarlockPlanet Calypso         RunningClose   NoNo  
Akbal WarriorPlanet Calypso         RunningFirearms   NoNo  
AttackerPlanet Calypso   25 75   FlyingFirearms  MediumNoNo20020
Big Ban          RunningClose   NoNo30000 
   %%%%%%%%%  /minm   HPPED
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