Blueprint Book: Rocktropia Blueprint Book Attachments (Vol II)
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NameLevelTypeMaterialsItemItem valueItem markupItem markupCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Bust-A-BLP Amp Mk I (L) Blueprint8Weapon Attachment2 Bust-A-BLP Amp Mk I (L)   24.0024.72103.0ROCKtropia
Bust-A-BLP Amp Mk II (L) Blueprint3Weapon Attachment3 Bust-A-BLP Amp Mk II (L)   24.8026.66107.5ROCKtropia
Dominax Original Boiga (L) Blueprint (L)4Weapon5Dominax Original Boiga (L)170  108.84131.23120.6Entropia Universe
Low Rider BLP Amp Mk I (L) Blueprint2Weapon Attachment7Low Rider BLP Amp Mk I (L)46.8126.00% 9.4011.84125.9ROCKtropia
Low Rider BLP Amp Mk II (L) Blueprint8Weapon Attachment4Low Rider BLP Amp Mk II (L)176165.91% 35.5038.09107.3ROCKtropia
Lucky Laser Sight Mk I Blueprint1Weapon Attachment4Lucky Laser Sight Mk I110  27.9034.41123.3ROCKtropia
 Lucky laser Sight Mk II Blueprint2Weapon Attachment10Lucky Laser Sight Mk II160  36.3053.63147.7ROCKtropia
Roadie BLP Amp Mk I (L) Blueprint5Weapon Attachment2Roadie BLP Amp Mk I (L)8.5  1.801.96108.7ROCKtropia
Roadie BLP Amp Mk II (L) Blueprint1Weapon Attachment6Roadie BLP Amp Mk II (L)19  5.105.59109.6ROCKtropia
Road-Monkey Laser Amp Mk I (L) Blueprint4Weapon Attachment2 Road-Monkey Laser Amp Mk I (L)9.2  1.902.42127.5ROCKtropia
Road-Monkey Laser Amp Mk IV (L) Blueprint2Weapon Attachment4 Road-Monkey Laser Amp Mk IV (L)39  8.039.72121.1ROCKtropia
Shack-A-Lacka Laser Amp Mk I (L) Blueprint5Weapon Attachment8Shack-A-Lacka Laser Amp Mk I (L)79  18.8021.69115.4ROCKtropia
Shack-A-Lacka Laser Amp Mk II (L) Blueprint1Weapon Attachment3 Shack-A-Lacka Laser Amp Mk II (L)370.00% 7.648.43110.4ROCKtropia
Sweet Scope Mk I Blueprint1Weapon Attachment3Sweet Scope Mk I34  6.807.40108.8ROCKtropia
 Sweet Scope Mk II Blueprint2Weapon Attachment8Sweet Scope Mk II58  14.7215.93108.2ROCKtropia
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