Blueprint: Arkadian Key 10 Blueprint
Specifications                  [Edit]
Type:Misc. Tool
Weight:0.1 kg
Crafted item
Item:Arkadian Key 10
Item value:200 PED
Item markup: 
Cost:30.01 PED
Cost including markup:32.28 PED
Cost/%:107.6 %
Profession:Tool Engineer
Recommended Level:10 Levels
Blueprint Book:Arkadia Tools
Found on:Planet Arkadia
Markup (M)
User Value:18.00 PED (2012-05-31)
This Blueprint allows you to manufacture Arkadian Key 10, the last in a series of ten. Ensure you have in your Inventory the required ingredients as listed on the Blueprint, and that your Blueprint is inside the appropriate Blueprint Book. Find a Manufacturing Terminal and operate it. You will then be able to select the Blueprint from the Blueprint Book, and insert the ingredients. An Archaeological Society team discovered the first Key in an underground chamber near the ancient ruins of Aakas, accompanied by an armoured skeleton and a cache of other artefacts they had never seen before. Further study of these visuals led the IFN Science Division to more closely inspect an ornate internal door in the underground chamber. Ten different energy signatures were identified, and a range of Keys was developed to match them. These "Arkadian Keys" grant the holder passage through the door to what lies beyond...

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