Blueprint: Basic Filters Blueprint
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Weight:0.1 kg
Crafted item
Item:Basic Filters
Item value:0.01 PED
Cost:0.05 PED
Cost including markup:0.05 PED
Cost/%:102.9 %
Profession:Mechanical Engineer
Blueprint Book:Planet Calypso Blueprint Book Component (Vol. I)
Found on:Planet Calypso

5+ filters are made per successful attempt at the highest Quantity setting.


This blueprint was available from technicians untill the end of 2007.

It's available again since late 2017 or early 2018.

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Materials needed to craft the item.

MaterialAmountCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Lysterium Ingot10.030.03102.0Entropia Universe
Oil10.020.02104.3Entropia Universe

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Blueprints that have been reported to drop from this blueprint

Looted BlueprintLast VUFrequencyUpdate 
Basic Auxiliary Socket Blueprint15.17.1CommonLast VUEdit
Basic Auxiliary Socket Blueprint, Adjusted (L)15.0.1OftenLast VUEdit
Basic Auxiliary Socket Blueprint, Improved (L)15.0.1RareLast VUEdit
Basic Auxiliary Socket Blueprint, Modified (L)14.3.4 Last VUEdit
Basic Bearings Blueprint16.4.1CommonLast VUEdit
Basic Coil Blueprint15.0.1CommonLast VUEdit
Basic Engine Blueprint15.19.1.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Basic Filters Blueprint16.4.1CommonLast VUEdit
Basic Nuts Blueprint14.3.1CommonLast VUEdit
Basic Power System Blueprint14.3.4CommonLast VUEdit
Basic Processor Blueprint15.0.1CommonLast VUEdit
Basic Pump Blueprint15.2.3CommonLast VUEdit
Basic Relay Blueprint15.2.3CommonLast VUEdit
Basic Rings Blueprint15.0.1CommonLast VUEdit
Basic Screws Blueprint15.17.1CommonLast VUEdit
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Drops from

Blueprints that have been reported to drop this blueprint

BlueprintLast VUFrequencyUpdate 
Basic Auxiliary Socket Blueprint10.4 Last VUEdit
Basic Bearings Blueprint14.7.2 Last VUEdit
Basic Coil Blueprint10.7.1 Last VUEdit
Basic Filters Blueprint16.4.1CommonLast VUEdit
Basic Nuts Blueprint9.3.5 Last VUEdit
Basic Processor Blueprint9.4.4CommonLast VUEdit
Basic Relay Blueprint14.3.0.2 Last VUEdit
Basic Screws Blueprint10.7.2 Last VUEdit
Basic Sensor Blueprint15.0.2UncommonLast VUEdit
Basic Servo Blueprint14.0.1 Last VUEdit
Basic Sheet Metal Blueprint15.17.0UncommonLast VUEdit
Basic Structure Blueprint15.15.1 Last VUEdit
Basic Tube Blueprint11.0.9 Last VUEdit
Basic Wires Blueprint12.6.0UnknownLast VUEdit
Creative Juice Blueprint11.9.4CommonLast VUEdit
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The following skills are involved crafting this item.

SkillHiddenSkill EffectHP increase
Attributes: IntelligenceNo280
Construction: Blueprint ComprehensionYes110
Construction: Equipment MethodologyYes50
Construction: IndustrialistYes5800
Construction: Manufacture Mechanical EquipmentNo340
Science: EngineeringNo303200
Science: MechanicsNo130

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