Blueprint: Canis Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint (L)
Specifications                  [Edit]
Type:Armor Part
Weight:0.1 kg
Crafted item
Item:Canis Thigh Guards (L)
Item value:16.8 PED
Item markup: 
Item markup: 
Cost:3.30 PED
Cost including markup:3.58 PED
Cost/%:108.5 %
Profession:Armor Engineer
Recommended Level:5 Levels
Blueprint Book:Arkadia Limited (C)
Found on:Planet Arkadia
Markup (M)
User Value:115.00 % (2011-06-16)
Markup (F)
User Value:115.00 % (2011-06-16)

This Blueprint allows you to manufacture Canis Thigh Guards (L), proudly made availible on planet Arkadia by Lorika Tek.


Ensure you have in your Inventory the required ingredients as listed in the Blueprint, and that your Blueprint is inside the appropiate Blueprint Book.


Find a Manufacturing Terminal and operate it. You will then be able to select the Blueprint from the Blueprint Book, and insert the ingredients. Finally, make sure you select the correct gender at the Manufacturing Termainal. Good Luck!


Lorika Tek. Defending Arkadia.

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