Avatar: Arkadia Estate Manager
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Land Areas

Land Areas the avatar own and control.

Deed NameLand NameTypeOwner TypeHunting TaxMining TaxContinentPlanetLon.Lat. 
 8 Coins Defiant Firebase Fields Land AreaAvatar0.000.00Planet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia1280019200Edit
 8 Coins Desert Land AreaAvatar0.000.00Planet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia1000016800Edit
 8 Coins North Coast Land AreaAvatar0.000.00Planet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia850021400Edit
 8 Coins North Fields Land AreaAvatar0.000.00Planet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia1280021400Edit
 8 Coins Prospectors Seclusion Land AreaAvatar0.000.00Planet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia1470021400Edit
 8 Coins South Coast Land AreaAvatar0.000.00Planet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia850016800Edit
 Arkadia Event Area 1 Land AreaAvatar0.000.00Planet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia920014300Edit
 Arkadia Event Area 2 Land AreaAvatar0.000.00Planet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia1675025100Edit
 Arkadia Event Area 3 Land AreaAvatar0.000.00Planet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia1850016800Edit
 Arkadia Event Area 4 Land AreaAvatar0.000.00Planet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia2640017900Edit
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The avatar owns these shops.

NameTypeItemsExpiration periodEstate AreaBlock#Found On
 Sanctuary Cove 6Shop0Reset all itemsSanctuary Cove60Planet Arkadia
 Sanctuary Cove 7Shop0Reset all itemsSanctuary Cove70Planet Arkadia
 Sanctuary Cove 8Shop0Reset all itemsSanctuary Cove80Planet Arkadia
 Sanctuary Cove 9Shop0Reset all itemsSanctuary Cove90Planet Arkadia
 Sanctuary Cove 10Shop0Reset all itemsSanctuary Cove100Planet Arkadia
 Sanctuary Cove 11Shop0Reset all itemsSanctuary Cove110Planet Arkadia
 Sanctuary Cove 12Shop0Reset all itemsSanctuary Cove120Planet Arkadia
 Underground Booth #1Booth0Reset all itemsArkadia Underground 1Planet Arkadia
 Underground Booth #2Booth0Reset all itemsArkadia Underground 2Planet Arkadia
 Underground Booth #3Booth0Reset all itemsArkadia Underground 3Planet Arkadia
 Underground Booth #4Booth0Reset all itemsArkadia Underground 4Planet Arkadia
 Underground Booth #5Booth0Reset all itemsArkadia Underground 5Planet Arkadia
 Underground Booth #6Booth0Reset all itemsArkadia Underground 6Planet Arkadia
 Victorious Firebase Shop #1Shop0Reset all itemsVictorious Firebase 1Planet Arkadia
 Victorious Firebase Shop #2Shop0Reset all itemsVictorious Firebase 2Planet Arkadia
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The avatar owns these estates.

Estate AreaTypeBlockFloor# 
Victorious FirebaseBarracks 018Edit

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