Avatar: Steffen Stelgim Josefsen
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Given Name:Stelgim
Entropedia Account:Stelgim (talk)
Highest Skill:5134
Total Skills:209845
Skill date:01-04-2013

"The transport ship Stelgim was on, were shot down in 2008 over Calypso by Robot attacks. Few survived, amongst them was Stelgim.

Not knowing what to do, he seeked a nearby camp called "Swamp Camp", there he met a Shadow Crusade recruiter. He joined them at once, and after a great welcome party he started hunting - and sweating - with his fellow society friends.

In the following weeks, he still hunted in the "Swamp Camp", having grilled Berycled and sometimes Combibo, Daikiba  as well but the meat was too bitter.

Then after months of hunting and mining, he then started to join his society friends on their hunts, and making a lot of friends.

Times were tough, and 10 years later he is now back to being alone in the world. Having been through three different societies, two of whom shut down he felt the need to clear his mind at Calypso."




Stelgim is mainly a crafter, but occasionally do mining. Stelgim also does hunting, but not at the professional levels and when he crafts he will buy ingredients from people at generous prices. He can mainly be found hunting Ambulimax, Feffoids or even Allophyls / Estophyls as they are close to his estate in Livas Heights.


Shops are periodically refreshed with (mostly) lower prices than market value, as a reward for the people who stop by and look. He can also take orders if any of the shops are out of a certain item, as he has a HUGE amount of stockpiled crafting items and too few shops.

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The avatar owns these shops.

NameTypeItemsExpiration periodEstate AreaBlock#Found On
 Omegaton Epsilon Booth #12Booth0Reset all itemsOmegaton Epsilon ComplexBooth12Planet Calypso
 Omegaton GammaApartment0Reset all itemsOmegaton Gamma ComplexF35BPlanet Calypso

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The avatar owns these estates.

Estate AreaTypeBlockFloor# 
Livas HeightsEstate Plot 09Edit
Omegaton Epsilon ComplexApartment Complex 0BoothEdit
Omegaton Gamma ComplexApartment Complex 35BEdit

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The avatar's skill levels.

Laser Weaponry Technology5134.93ConstructionNoEdit
Inflict Ranged Damage4993.74CombatNoEdit
Ranged Damage Assessment4189.6CombatYesEdit
BLP Weaponry Technology4186.07ConstructionNoEdit
Weapons Handling3683.51CombatNoEdit
Manufacture Weapons3401.04ConstructionNoEdit
Blueprint Comprehension3293.57ConstructionYesEdit
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