Armor: Viceroy Improved
Specifications                  [Edit]
Stab:13 HP
Cut:12 HP
Impact:17 HP
Burn:14 HP
Cold:11 HP
Acid:17 HP
Close:42 HP
Firearms:14 HP
Total:84 HP
Found on:Planet Arkadia
Personal effect
Personal Effects:3 parts: +5% Evade; 5 parts: +10% Evade; 7 parts: +15% Evade & +0.4% Critical Hit Chance

Viceroy armor Upgrade



1 Full TT Viceroy Adjusted Part
1 Full TT Canis (L) Part
2 Improved Nanites
100 Bismuth Plating
10 Banite Ingot


Note: You will lose all tiers on the armor piece that you upgrade


Item Set Effect

3 Parts: 5 Percent Evade

5 Parts: 10 Percent Evade

7 Parts: 15 Percent Evade
7 Parts: 0.4 Percent Increased Critical Hit Chance

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