Armor: Viceroy
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:8.6 kg
Stab:11 HP
Cut:9 HP
Impact:15 HP
Burn:12 HP
Cold:8 HP
Acid:14 HP
Close:35 HP
Firearms:12 HP
Total:69 HP
Set TT:400.0 PED
Found on:Planet Arkadia
Designed and created by William "Old Bill" Parsons, a former Lorika Tek engineer, this armour chassis set differs from other available sets by incorporating some of the same "Moonshine" modifications discovered in other unique equipment.

Whether it is genuine Smuggler equipment is yet to be determined, but since the armour is able to use the colony repair terminals, it is considered to be Unlimited.

It is an account bound item and cannot be traded.

Total ingredients:
4000 Corria Veneer (200 Corria Timber)
4000 Miluca Veneer (800 Miluca Timber)
3000 Hekia Veneer (200 Hekia Timber)
4200 Arkace Veneer (420 Arkace Timber )

100 Soft Leather (300 Soft Hide)
1100 Generic Leather (3300 Animal Hide)
40 Wool Thread (120 Thin Wool)
50 Wool Cloth (150 Wool)

400 Paint Can (Yellow)
100 Paint Can (Brown)
100 Paint Can (Green)
3000 Generic Leather

1000 Animal Muscle Oil
200 Animal Thyroid Oil
100 Animal Adrenal Oil
440 Animal Eye Oil
6700 Animal Oil Residue

100 Electronic Stabilizing Component
40 Tier 1 Component
200 Socket 1 Component
300 Socket 2 Component
220 Socket 3 Component

1000 Blazar Fragment
1000 Nova Fragment
140000 Explosive Projectiles


Refer to each mission and item for exact quantities of materials.

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