Armor: Protector of the Empire
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:10.3 kg
Stab:38 HP
Cut:33 HP
Impact:31 HP
Penetration:20 HP
Burn:25 HP
Acid:12 HP
Electric:19 HP
Close:102 HP
Firearms:45 HP
Total:178 HP
Set TT:1359.6 PED
Found on:Planet Calypso
PoE armor (at 04:13), price from 2008!

The Protector of the Empire armor suit is a rare honorary armor awarded by the Empire to valiant heroes in times of war. With its distinctive look and great protection, this prestigious armor is a coveted item for any warrior. Very few suits have ever made it to Calypso, and haven't been awarded to anyone since the battle of Yadayat in the Baltran system.

Only 5 full sets known to exist so far on Calypso, but 15 new sets will be awarded to avatars participating in the robot war during december 2008.

Introduced into Entropia Universe on May 13, 2006.

The armor was, when introduced, the prize given to the brave colonists who turned in to an RDI representative a Rare Robot Secret Transmitter.

The 5 first sets were originally awarded to: Blast, Zachurm Deathifier Emegen, Paris Dub Hilton, Loki and Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs.


It is also known commonly as PotE armor set.




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