Armor: Aegis
Specifications                  [Edit]
Stab:9 HP
Cut:9 HP
Impact:9 HP
Penetration:44 HP
Shrapnel:9 HP
Burn:44 HP
Cold:9 HP
Acid:9 HP
Electric:9 HP
Close:27 HP
Firearms:97 HP
Total:151 HP
Found on:Next Island
"Forged from pieces of the mighty drake's scales, these highly sought after armors are invaluable when facing creatures of this world. Each has specialized protections that will prevent its wearer from enduring the full brunt of a vicious drake attack. Colonists on Next Island have found a new technique of armor design that allows for a comfortable body mesh suit within the armor, creating new flexibilities and range unseen until now. The drake's very scales are used to create the hybrid plates used for shielding the wearer from its dangerous breath."

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The parts of this armor.

NameWeightMax.TTMar. (M)Mar. (F)Found on
 Aegis Helmet1.579.8  Next Island

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