Armor: Rascal
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:13.3 kg
Cut:5 HP
Impact:15 HP
Burn:12 HP
Close:20 HP
Firearms:12 HP
Total:32 HP
Set TT:60.6 PED
Found on:Planet Calypso
Rascal armor (from 01:38 to 01:47)

Rascal is a crafted set of armour with good Impact and Burn Protection.
With it you can more successfully take on stronger creatures like Berycled, Combibo, Cornundacauda, Daikiba, Exarosaur, etc.
It is also very effective, with the aid of a high level FAP and a decent weapon, against low level drones. Rascal is a good armor for beginners, popular for it's good mix of protection and good durability.

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