Armor: Vigilante, Adjusted
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:19.2 kg
Stab:14 HP
Cut:14 HP
Impact:9 HP
Penetration:18 HP
Shrapnel:10 HP
Burn:18 HP
Close:37 HP
Firearms:46 HP
Total:83 HP
Set TT:211.8 PED
Markup (M):1667.0900
Found on:Planet Calypso
Personal effect
Personal Effects:3 parts: 10% Decrease Critical Damage, 10% Dodge; 5 parts: 15% Decrease Critical Damage, 15% Dodge; 7 parts: 20% Decrease Critical Damage, 20% Dodge

The Masterii & Jones Vigilante is a set of strong armor made to be resilient against all forms of attack.


This upgraded version of the popular armor suite was developed by the Imperial Guardians to better equip units engaging in specialized anti-robot operations.


Vigilante armor Upgrade

Location: Fort Ithaca 68487, 87947 Imperial  Guardian Liaison Atwell


To perform the upgrade you need:

1 Vigilante armor piece

10 Generic Nano Adjuster


Note: You will lose all tiers on the armor piece that you upgrade


Item Set Effect

This armor provides both Dodge and Decrease Critical Damage


3 Parts - 10% Strength

5 Parts - 15% Strength

7 Parts - 20% Strength

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