Armor: Musca Adjusted
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Weight:8.6 kg
Stab:8 HP
Cut:8 HP
Impact:8 HP
Burn:8 HP
Acid:3 HP
Close:24 HP
Firearms:8 HP
Total:35 HP
Set TT:28.6 PED
Markup (M):84.0000
Markup (F):84.0000
Found on:Planet Arkadia

Variant: Musca Adjusted

Availability: Discipleship Graduation

Preceding Level: None

Next Level: None

To Use: Equip and wear while taking damage.


By special request from the Arkadian Colonial Administration, Lorika Tek has upgraded the Musca (L) chassis that was originally developed for the IFN.

The IFN acquired several interesting armour sets during a botched Smuggler raid on the IFN Supply Depot.  Researchers concluded that the Smugglers were making efficient use of an easily accessible, low cost armour, so they reversed-engineered the unique "Moonshine" alterations that had been made.

As a result, these newly "Adjusted" Musca sets have superior parameters compared to those of the original Blueprints, and are now compatible with the colony repair terminals.

Due to ACA resource constraints, these sets are only being issued to newly graduated colonists who have finished a term of "Discipleship" under more experienced members of the Arkadian community.

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The parts of this armor.

NameWeightMax.TTMar. (M)Mar. (F)Found on
Musca Arm Guards Adjusted1.64.29.00 PED9.00 PEDPlanet Arkadia
Musca Foot Guards Adjusted0.53.89.00 PED9.00 PEDPlanet Arkadia
Musca Gloves Adjusted0.33.89.00 PED9.00 PEDPlanet Arkadia
Musca Harness Adjusted2.45.830.00 PED30.00 PEDPlanet Arkadia
Musca Helmet Adjusted0.92.910.00 PED10.00 PEDPlanet Arkadia
Musca Shin Guards Adjusted1.33.98.00 PED8.00 PEDPlanet Arkadia
Musca Thigh Guards Adjusted1.64.29.00 PED9.00 PEDPlanet Arkadia

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