Armor: Koroma
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Weight:8.6 kg
Stab:5 HP
Cut:8 HP
Impact:12 HP
Cold:10 HP
Close:25 HP
Total:35 HP
Set TT:40.0 PED
Markup (M):161.0000
Markup (F):119.2200
Found on:Planet Arkadia

Variant: Koroma

Availability: Manufactured

Preceding Level: Unknown

Next Level: Unknown

To Use: Equip and wear while taking damage.

The Koroma armour design was first located in an old cache near the ruins of what is thought to be the ancient city of Aakas.


Unlike the Ankitus design which was discovered in the same cache, Koroma seems suited a colder climate, indicating possible trade or transport between Aakas and another region of Arkadia, though the matter is under further study.


Current transcripts from Archaeological Society research teams indicate that this armour may have been planned as some sort of status symbol in the ancient society of Arkadia.


For now, Koroma is manufactured for colonist use, based on the original designs translated by the Archaeological Society.

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The parts of this armor.

NameWeightMax.TTMar. (M)Mar. (F)Found on
Koroma Arm Guards1.65.614.00 PED11.22 PEDPlanet Arkadia
Koroma Foot Guards0.54.820.00 PED10.00 PEDPlanet Arkadia
Koroma Gloves0.3416.00 PED20.00 PEDPlanet Arkadia
Koroma Harness2.49.623.00 PED23.00 PEDPlanet Arkadia
Koroma Helmet0.95.235.00 PED20.00 PEDPlanet Arkadia
Koroma Shin Guards1.35.218.00 PED15.00 PEDPlanet Arkadia
Koroma Thigh Guards1.65.635.00 PED20.00 PEDPlanet Arkadia

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