Armor: Musca (L)
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:8.6 kg
Stab:2 HP
Cut:2 HP
Impact:3 HP
Acid:1 HP
Close:7 HP
Total:8 HP
Set TT:40.0 PED
Markup (M):138.0000
Markup (F):138.0000
Source:TT, Crafted,Looted
Found on:Planet Arkadia

Variant: Musca (L)

Availability: Trade Terminal,Manufactured,Looted

Preceding Level: None

Next Level: Corvus (L)


Musca (L) is the base level protective armour provided by Lorika Tek to the Imperial Federal Navy.

Musca (L) is designed to offer a small amount of protection against common damage types and is readily available to civilian and military personnel alike.

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The parts of this armor.

NameWeightMax.TTMar. (M)Mar. (F)Found on
Musca Arm Guards (L)1.65.6138.00%138.00%Planet Arkadia
Musca Foot Guards (L)0.54.8138.00%138.00%Planet Arkadia
Musca Gloves (L)0.34138.00%138.00%Planet Arkadia
Musca Harness (L)2.49.6138.00%138.00%Planet Arkadia
Musca Helmet (L)0.95.2138.00%138.00%Planet Arkadia
Musca Shin Guards (L)1.35.2138.00%138.00%Planet Arkadia
Musca Thigh Guards (L)1.65.6138.00%138.00%Planet Arkadia

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