Armor: Perseus (L)
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:8.6 kg
Stab:43 HP
Cut:40 HP
Impact:50 HP
Penetration:18 HP
Burn:27 HP
Acid:24 HP
Electric:13 HP
Close:133 HP
Firearms:45 HP
Total:215 HP
Set TT:1000.0 PED
Markup (M):180.0000
Markup (F):180.0000
Source:Crafted, Looted
Found on:Planet Arkadia
Variant: Perseus (L)
Availability: Manufactured, Looted
Preceding Level: Pegasus (L)
To Use: Equip and wear while taking damage.

Offering outstanding protection, Perseus (L) is the culmination of Lorika Tek's experience with its Triplex armour system. This basster piece of armour is the pride of Lorika Tek's collection and a true symbol of greatness within the ranks of the Imperial Federal Navy.

There are seven pieces in the complete armour set, with no additional bonuses or penalties for mixing armour types. You may attach any armour plate to any piece of armour. As with all Limited armour, Perseus (L) is designed to provide full protection until it has decayed to minimum condition. When it has reached minimum condition it is considered "broken" and will need to be replaced. To be most economical, your armour choice should be optimised for the amount and type of damage you expect to receive.
Lorika Tek. Defending Arkadia.

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