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 NameTypeValueMarkupRefines ToAmountSourceFound on
NissitNatural Materials1E-05   FoundPlanet Arkadia, Planet Calypso, ROCKtropia
Nissit Stone TextureTexture Material0.02   CraftedPlanet Calypso


 NameLevelTypeMaterials ItemItem valueItem markupItem markupCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Nissit Stone Texture Blueprint1Material2Nissit Stone Texture0.02  0.020.04184.4Planet Calypso

Blueprint Drops

 Blueprint Looted BlueprintLast VUFrequencyUpdate 
Nissit Stone Texture BlueprintAetherex Leather Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Allophyl Leather Texture Blueprint11.5.2UncommonLast VUEdit
Ambulimax Leather Texture Blueprint (L)15.2.3CommonLast VUEdit
Argonaut Leather Texture Blueprint10.9.1 Last VUEdit
Armax Leather Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Atrax Leather Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Atrox Leather Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Bigwig Texture Blueprint10.1.2 Last VUEdit
Blausariam Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Brukite Stone Texture Blueprint11.5.2OftenLast VUEdit
Brushed Aluminium Texture Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
Burlap Fabric Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Cbase Plastic Texture Blueprint9.4.1 Last VUEdit
Coarse Frote Fabric Texture Blueprint11.5.2UncommonLast VUEdit
Combibo Leather Texture Blueprint (L)11.5.2CommonLast VUEdit
Cornundacauda Leather Texture Blueprint10.1.2 Last VUEdit
Cumbriz Texture Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Daikiba Leather Texture Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
Denim Fabric Texture Blueprint10.4.2 Last VUEdit
Erdorium Texture Blueprint Last VUEdit
Felt Fabric Texture Blueprint17.0.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Fine Frieze Fabric Texture Blueprint (L)17.0.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Fine Hessian Fabric Texture Blueprint (L)11.5.2UncommonLast VUEdit
Fine Leather Texture Blueprint15.16.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Fine Silk Fabric Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Firn Texture Blueprint15.16.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Flannel Fabric Texture Blueprint17.0.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Foul Leather Texture Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
Frigulite Texture Blueprint10.1.2 Last VUEdit
Fugabarba Leather Texture Blueprint (L)11.9.6UncommonLast VUEdit
 Gallard Leather Texture Blueprint17.0.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Ganganite Texture Blueprint11.5.2UnknownLast VUEdit
Gazzurdite Texture Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Generic Leather Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Gradivore Leather Texture Blueprint (L)17.0.3OftenLast VUEdit
Grooved Metal Texture Blueprint (L)11.5.2CommonLast VUEdit
Hessian Fabric Texture Blueprint15.16.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Himi Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Iron Texture Blueprint (L)11.5.2UncommonLast VUEdit
Itumatrox Leather Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Kaldon Stone Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Large Woven Cotton Fabric Texture Blueprint12.10.1 Last VUEdit
Lysterium Texture Blueprint (L)11.5.2OftenLast VUEdit
Megan Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Midastree Texture Blueprint11.9.6UncommonLast VUEdit
Narcanisum Texture Blueprint10.5.1 Last VUEdit
Nissit Stone Texture Blueprint11.5.2UncommonLast VUEdit
Oculus Leather Texture Blueprint (L)17.0.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Oxidized Iron Texture Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Oxidized Lysterium Texture Blueprint10.1.2 Last VUEdit
Plumatergus Leather Texture Blueprint (L)17.0.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Prancer Leather Texture Blueprint (L)11.5.2CommonLast VUEdit
Ribbed Velvet Fabric Texture Blueprint15.16.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Rutol Stone Texture Blueprint10.1.2 Last VUEdit
Sabakuma Leather Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Satin Fabric Texture Blueprint10.1.2 Last VUEdit
Snablesnot Leather Texture Blueprint10.4.2 Last VUEdit
Sopur Stone Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Stinktree Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Striped Frote Fabric Texture Blueprint10.1.2 Last VUEdit
Tantardion Leather Texture Blueprint9.4.1 Last VUEdit
Tantillion Leather Texture Blueprint (L)15.17.1UnknownLast VUEdit
Terrycloth Fabric Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Tight Knitted Wool Fabric Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Tripudion Leather Texture Blueprint (L)11.5.2CommonLast VUEdit
Trutun Stone Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Turp Leather Texture Blueprint (L)11.9.4OftenLast VUEdit
Velvet Fabric Texture Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
Zinc Texture Blueprint (L)17.0.3UncommonLast VUEdit

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