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 NameTypeValueMarkupRefines ToAmountSourceFound on
Black Russian CocktailRefined Enmatter0.06130.00%  RefinedROCKtropia
Black Russian Cocktail MixEnmatter0.03 Black Russian Cocktail2,2Mined, LootedHell, ROCKtropia
Harvey Wallbanger CocktailRefined Enmatter0.08103.00%  RefinedROCKtropia
Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail MixEnmatter0.04 Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail2,2MinedHell, ROCKtropia
Hurricane CocktailRefined Enmatter0.02110.00%  RefinedROCKtropia
Hurricane Cocktail MixEnmatter0.01 Hurricane Cocktail2,2MinedHell, ROCKtropia
Kamikaze CocktailRefined Enmatter0.17110.00%  RefinedROCKtropia
Kamikaze Cocktail MixEnmatter0.085 Kamikaze Cocktail2Mined, LootedROCKtropia
Long Island Ice Tea CocktailRefined Enmatter0.1115.00%  RefinedROCKtropia
Long Island Ice Tea Cocktail MixEnmatter0.05 Long Island Ice Tea Cocktail1,1Mined, LootedHell, ROCKtropia
Mai Tai CocktailRefined Enmatter0.03115.00%  RefinedROCKtropia
Mai Tai Cocktail MixEnmatter0.015 Mai Tai Cocktail2,2MinedHell, ROCKtropia
Mojito CocktailRefined Enmatter0.04   RefinedROCKtropia
Mojito Cocktail MixEnmatter0.02 Mojito Cocktail2,2MinedHell, ROCKtropia
Nirvana CocktailRefined Enmatter0.04125.00%  RefinedROCKtropia
Nirvana Cocktail MixEnmatter0.02 Nirvana Cocktail2,2MinedHell, ROCKtropia
Pina Colada CocktailRefined Enmatter0.05230.00%  RefinedROCKtropia
Pina Colada Cocktail MixEnmatter0.025 Pina Colada Cocktail2,2MinedHell, ROCKtropia
Whiskey Sour CocktailRefined Enmatter0.15115.00%  RefinedROCKtropia
Whiskey Sour Cocktail MixEnmatter0.075 Whiskey Sour Cocktail2,2Mined, LootedHell, ROCKtropia


 NameLevelTypeMaterials ItemItem valueItem markupItem markupCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Evelyn Cocktail Dress Blueprint (L)7Clothes5Evelyn Cocktail Dress (C)73  14.5516.59114.0 


 NameGenderTypeMax.TTPrice (M)Price (F)SourceFound on
Evelyn Cocktail Dress (C)FemaleDresses73  CraftedPlanet Calypso

Creature Loots

 Creature ItemFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
MotorheadWhiskey Sour Cocktail MixUncommonGod L5016.1.1Last VUEdit
MotorheadKamikaze Cocktail MixUncommonRoyalty L3315.17.1Last VUEdit
MotorheadBlack Russian Cocktail MixUncommon Last VUEdit
MotorheadLong Island Ice Tea Cocktail MixUncommonGod L50Last VUEdit

Missing Items

PEAuction NameEntropedia Name 
Evelyn Cocktail Dress (F,C) Blueprint (L)Evelyn Cocktail Dress (F,C) Blueprint (L)Edit
Long Island Iced Tea CocktailLong Island Iced Tea CocktailEdit

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