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PlanetNameObjectiveRepeatableRewardReward SkillsMission BrokerLongitudeLatitudeNearest CityRequired MissionAddedCompleted
ROCKtropiaCatscepades #1Kill 100 Big CatsNoAthletics (<=0.46 ped TT) Sgt.Cortiz13621882087City of Dreams12.4.3Completed
ROCKtropiaCatscepades #2Kill 250 Big CatsNoCourage (eq 1.12 PED implant) Sgt.Cortiz13621882087City of DreamsCatscepades #112.4.3Completed
ROCKtropiaCatscepades #3Kill 250 Big CatsNoDexterityDexteritySgt.Cortiz13621882087City of DreamsCatscepades #212.4.3Completed
ROCKtropiaCatscepades #4Kill 4200 Big CatsNoStamina (84 Stamina Tokens) Sgt.Cortiz13621882087Catscepades #312.4.3Completed

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