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 NameLevelTypeMaterials ItemItem valueItem markupItem markupCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Basic Structure Blueprint2Material2Basic Structure0.0236130.00% 0.160.16102.3Planet Calypso, ROCKtropia

Blueprint Drops

 Blueprint Looted BlueprintLast VUFrequencyUpdate 
Basic Structure BlueprintBasic Auxiliary Socket Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Basic Bearings Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Basic Coil Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Basic Engine Blueprint15.15.1 Last VUEdit
Basic Filters Blueprint15.15.1 Last VUEdit
Basic Nuts Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Basic Power System Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Basic Processor Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Basic Pump Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Basic Rings Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Basic Screws Blueprint15.15.1 Last VUEdit
Basic Sensor Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Basic Servo Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Basic Sheet Metal Blueprint15.15.1 Last VUEdit
Basic Structure Blueprint15.15.1 Last VUEdit
Basic Tube Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Basic Wires Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Durable Coil Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Galaxy S2 Ion Conductors Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
GEC Spur Gears 2K Blueprint9.3.7 Last VUEdit
Hardened Metal Ruds Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Hardened Pipe Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Metal Ruds Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Simple 1 Conductors Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Simple 1 Plastic Springs Blueprint15.15.1 Last VUEdit
Solar 6V Gel Batteries Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Standard Intelligence Module Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Standard Springs Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Super Alloy Plating Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Super Alloy Ruds Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
Welding Wire Blueprint (L)15.15.1 Last VUEdit

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